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  • نعره‌ها زد خلق جمع آمد برو  ** گبر گویان ایهاالناس احذروا 
  • He uttered shrieks, the people gathered round him: the infidel was crying, “O people, beware!”
  • می‌زد او بر سر کای بی‌عقل سر  ** می‌زد او بر سینه کای بی‌نور بر 
  • He smote his head, saying, “O head without understanding!” He smote his breast, saying, “O bosom without light!”
  • سجده می‌کرد او کای کل زمین  ** شرمسارست از تو این جزو مهین 
  • Prostrating himself, he cried, “O (thou who art) the whole earth, this despicable part is abashed on account of thee.
  • تو که کلی خاضع امر ویی  ** من که جزوم ظالم و زشت و غوی 
  • Thou, who art the whole, art submissive to His command; I, who am (but) a part, am unjust and wicked and misguided.
  • تو که کلی خوار و لرزانی ز حق  ** من که جزوم در خلاف و در سبق  130
  • Thou, who art the whole, art humble and trembling in fear of God; I, who am (but) a part, am (engaged) in opposition and in rivalry.”
  • هر زمان می‌کرد رو بر آسمان  ** که ندارم روی ای قبله‌ی جهان 
  • At every moment he was turning his face to heaven, saying, “I have not the face (to look towards thee), O qibla of the world!”
  • چون ز حد بیرون بلرزید و طپید  ** مصطفی‌اش در کنار خود کشید 
  • When he had trembled and quivered beyond (all) bounds, Mustafá clasped him in his arms,
  • ساکنش کرد و بسی بنواختش  ** دیده‌اش بگشاد و داد اشناختش 
  • Quieted him and caressed him much and opened his (inward) eye and gave him (spiritual) knowledge.
  • تا نگرید ابر کی خندد چمن  ** تا نگرید طفل کی جوشد لبن 
  • Till the cloud weeps, how should the garden smile? Till the babe cries, how should the milk begin to flow?
  • طفل یک روزه همی‌داند طریق  ** که بگریم تا رسد دایه‌ی شفیق  135
  • The one-day-old babe knows the way: (its instinct says), “I will cry, that the kind nurse may come.”