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  • کعبه‌ی درویش بودی کوی او  ** آمدندی مستمندان سوی او  1475
  • His abode was the Ka‘ba of the poor: the distressed were (always) coming to him.
  • هم ز خوشه عشر دادی بی‌ریا  ** هم ز گندم چون شدی از که جدا 
  • He would give, unostentatiously, a tithe both of the ears of corn and of the wheat when it was separated from the chaff.
  • آرد گشتی عشر دادی هم از آن  ** نان شدی عشر دگر دادی ز نان 
  • (If) it was made into flour, he would give a tithe of that too; if it was made into bread, he would give another tithe of the bread.
  • عشر هر دخلی فرو نگذاشتی  ** چارباره دادی زانچ کاشتی 
  • He would never omit (to give) the tithe of any produce: he would give (the tithe) four times on that which he sowed.
  • بس وصیتها بگفتی هر زمان  ** جمع فرزندان خود را آن جوان 
  • That (generous) young man was continually giving many injunctions to all his sons,
  • الله الله قسم مسکین بعد من  ** وا مگیریدش ز حرص خویشتن  1480
  • Saying, “For God's sake, for God's sake, after I am gone, do not on account of your covetousness withhold the portion of the poor,
  • تا بماند بر شما کشت و ثمار  ** در پناه طاعت حق پایدار 
  • So that the crops and fruit may remain (as a) permanent (blessing bestowed) on you under the safeguard of your obedience to God.”
  • دخلها و میوه‌ها جمله ز غیب  ** حق فرستادست بی‌تخمین و ریب 
  • Without surmise or doubt, (it is) God (who) hath sent all produce and fruits from the Unseen.
  • در محل دخل اگر خرجی کنی  ** درگه سودست سودی بر زنی 
  • If you expend something in the place where the produce comes, ’tis the gateway to profit: you will obtain a (great) profit (thereby).
  • ترک اغلب دخل را در کشت‌زار  ** باز کارد که ویست اصل ثمار 
  • The Turk sows the major part of the produce again in the field, because it (the sown field) is the source of the fruits (crops).