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  • تا بماند بر شما کشت و ثمار  ** در پناه طاعت حق پایدار 
  • So that the crops and fruit may remain (as a) permanent (blessing bestowed) on you under the safeguard of your obedience to God.”
  • دخلها و میوه‌ها جمله ز غیب  ** حق فرستادست بی‌تخمین و ریب 
  • Without surmise or doubt, (it is) God (who) hath sent all produce and fruits from the Unseen.
  • در محل دخل اگر خرجی کنی  ** درگه سودست سودی بر زنی 
  • If you expend something in the place where the produce comes, ’tis the gateway to profit: you will obtain a (great) profit (thereby).
  • ترک اغلب دخل را در کشت‌زار  ** باز کارد که ویست اصل ثمار 
  • The Turk sows the major part of the produce again in the field, because it (the sown field) is the source of the fruits (crops).
  • بیشتر کارد خورد زان اندکی  ** که ندارد در بروییدن شکی  1485
  • He sows most of it and consumes (only) a little, for he has no doubt of its growing.
  • زان بیفشاند به کشتن ترک دست  ** که آن غله‌ش هم زان زمین حاصل شدست 
  • The Turk shakes (moves to and fro) his hand in sowing, because that (former) crop of his has been produced from the same soil.
  • کفشگر هم آنچ افزاید ز نان  ** می‌خرد چرم و ادیم و سختیان 
  • Likewise the shoemaker buys hide and leather and morocco (with) the surplus left over from (what he spends on) bread,
  • که اصول دخلم اینها بوده‌اند  ** هم ازینها می‌گشاید رزق بند 
  • Saying, “These have (always) been the sources of my income: from these, accordingly, my means of livelihood are flowing.”
  • دخل از آنجا آمدستش لاجرم  ** هم در آنجا می‌کند داد و کرم 
  • His income has come from that place: consequently he bestows (it) in the same place with liberality and generosity.
  • این زمین و سختیان پرده‌ست و بس  ** اصل روزی از خدا دان هر نفس  1490
  • This soil (that produces crops) and (this) morocco are only a veil (secondary cause): know that at every moment the (real) source of livelihood is in God.