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  • که تو زوری داده‌ای املاک را  ** که بدرانند این افلاک را  1580
  • For Thou hast bestowed such a strength upon the Angels that they can tear these celestial spheres to shreds.”
  • فرستادن میکائیل را علیه‌السلام به قبض حفنه‌ای خاک از زمین جهت ترکیب ترتیب جسم مبارک ابوالبشر خلیفة الحق مسجود الملک و معلمهم آدم علیه‌السلام 
  • The sending of Michael, on whom be peace, to take a handful of clay from the Earth for putting together the frame of the blessed body of the Father of Mankind, the Vicegerent of God, Adam, on whom be peace, the Adored of the Angels and their Teacher.
  • گفت میکائیل را تو رو به زیر  ** مشت خاکی در ربا از وی چو شیر 
  • He (God) said to Michael, “Do thou go down and seize, like a lion, a handful of clay from her.”
  • چونک میکائیل شد تا خاکدان  ** دست کرد او تا که برباید از آن 
  • When Michael reached the Earth, he put forth his hand to seize (the clay) from her.
  • خاک لرزید و درآمد در گریز  ** گشت او لابه‌کنان و اشک‌ریز 
  • The Earth trembled and began to flee (recoil): she became suppliant and shed tears.
  • سینه سوزان لابه کرد و اجتهاد  ** با سرشک پر ز خون سوگند داد 
  • Her breast burning (with grief), she made supplication and earnest entreaty: with bloody tears she adjured (him),
  • که به یزدان لطیف بی‌ندید  ** که بکردت حامل عرش مجید  1585
  • Saying, “(I beseech thee) by the gracious incomparable God who hath made thee the bearer of the majestic Throne.
  • کیل ارزاق جهان را مشرفی  ** تشنگان فضل را تو مغرفی 
  • Thou art the overseer for measuring (and dispensing) the world's means of sustenance: thou art the ladler to them that thirst for the (Divine) bounty”—
  • زانک میکائیل از کیل اشتقاق  ** دارد و کیال شد در ارتزاق 
  • Because (the name) Míká’íl (Michael) is derived from kayl (measure), and he has become the measurer (kayyál) in dispensation of the means of subsistence.
  • که امانم ده مرا آزاد کن  ** بین که خون‌آلود می‌گویم سخن 
  • “Give me quarter, set me free! See how I am uttering words stained with blood.”
  • معدن رحم اله آمد ملک  ** گفت چون ریزم بر آن ریش این نمک 
  • The Angel is a mine of God's mercy: he (Michael) said, “How should I sprinkle this salt on that wound?”—