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  • هین رها کن بدگمانی و ضلال  ** سر قدم کن چونک فرمودت تعال 
  • Hark, dismiss suspicion and error: make thy head a foot (to hasten towards Him) since He hath bidden thee come.
  • آن تعال او تعالیها دهد  ** مستی و جفت و نهالیها دهد  1670
  • His ‘Come’ will give (thee) exaltations; it will give (thee) intoxication and (spiritual) brides and couches.
  • باری آن امر سنی را هیچ هیچ  ** من نیارم کرد وهن و پیچ پیچ 
  • In short, never, never can I weaken (the force of) that sublime command and complicate it (by prevarication).”
  • این همه بشنید آن خاک نژند  ** زان گمان بد بدش در گوش بند 
  • The wretched Earth heard all this (counsel), (but) in her ear was a plug arising from that evil suspicion.
  • باز از نوعی دگر آن خاک پست  ** لابه و سجده همی‌کرد او چو مست 
  • Once more in another fashion the lowly Earth made entreaty and prostrated herself, like a drunken man.
  • گفت نه برخیز نبود زین زیان  ** من سر و جان می‌نهم رهن و ضمان 
  • He said, “Nay, arise! There is no loss (to thee) from this (thing), I lay my head and life as a pledge and guarantee.
  • لابه مندیش و مکن لابه دگر  ** جز بدان شاه رحیم دادگر  1675
  • Do not think of entreating (me), do not make further entreaty except to that merciful and justice-dealing King.
  • بنده فرمانم نیارم ترک کرد  ** امر او کز بحر انگیزید گرد 
  • I am a slave to (His) command, I dare not neglect His command which raised dust from the sea.
  • جز از آن خلاق گوش و چشم و سر  ** نشنوم از جان خود هم خیر و شر 
  • Save from the Creator of ear and eye and head I will hear (accept) neither good nor evil—not even from my own soul.
  • گوش من از گفت غیر او کرست  ** او مرا از جان شیرین جان‌ترست 
  • My ear is deaf to all words but His: He is dearer to me than my sweet soul.