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  • عقل را با عقل یاری یار کن  ** امرهم شوری بخوان و کار کن 
  • (Therefore) associate your intelligence with the intelligence of a friend: recite (the text) their affairs are (carried on by) taking counsel with each other, and practise it.
  • نواختن مصطفی علیه‌السلام آن عرب مهمان را و تسکین دادن او را از اضطراب و گریه و نوحه کی بر خود می‌کرد در خجالت و ندامت و آتش نومیدی 
  • How Mustafá, on whom be peace, treated the Arab guest with loving kindness and calmed his distress and stilled the sobbing and lamentation for himself which he was making in his shame and penitence and fire of despair.
  • این سخن پایان ندارد آن عرب  ** ماند از الطاف آن شه در عجب 
  • This topic hath no end. The Arab was astounded by the kindnesses of that (spiritual) King.
  • خواست دیوانه شدن عقلش رمید  ** دست عقل مصطفی بازش کشید 
  • He was wellnigh becoming crazed, his reason fled (from him), but the hand (power) of Mustafá's reason drew him back.
  • گفت این سو آ بیامد آنچنان  ** که کسی برخیزد از خواب گران  170
  • He (Mustafá) said, “Come hither.” He came in such fashion as one rises up from heavy slumber.
  • گفت این سو آ مکن هین با خود آ  ** که ازین سو هست با تو کارها 
  • “Come hither,” said he, “do not (lose thy wits); hark, come to thyself, for there are (great) things to be done with thee here.”
  • آب بر رو زد در آمد در سخن  ** کای شهید حق شهادت عرضه کن 
  • He threw water on his face, and he (the infidel) began to speak, saying, “O witness of God, recite the Testimony (profession of the Faith),
  • تا گواهی بدهم و بیرون شوم  ** سیرم از هستی در آن هامون شوم 
  • That I may bear witness (to its truth) and go forth (from unbelief): I am weary of this (unreal) existence and will go into the wilderness (of reality).”
  • ما درین دهلیز قاضی قضا  ** بهر دعوی الستیم و بلی 
  • In this court of the Judge who pronounces the Decree we are (present) for the purpose of (making good) our claim (to fulfil the covenant signified by the words) “Am not I (your Lord)?” and “Yea”;
  • که بلی گفتیم و آن را ز امتحان  ** فعل و قول ما شهودست و بیان  175
  • For we said, “Yea,” and (since we are) on trial our acts and words are the (necessary) witnesses and evidence of that (assent).
  • از چه در دهلیز قاضی ای گواه  ** حبس باشی ده شهادت از پگاه 
  • Wherefore do we keep silence in the court of the Judge? Have not we come (here) to bear testimony?