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  • آب بر رو زد در آمد در سخن  ** کای شهید حق شهادت عرضه کن 
  • He threw water on his face, and he (the infidel) began to speak, saying, “O witness of God, recite the Testimony (profession of the Faith),
  • تا گواهی بدهم و بیرون شوم  ** سیرم از هستی در آن هامون شوم 
  • That I may bear witness (to its truth) and go forth (from unbelief): I am weary of this (unreal) existence and will go into the wilderness (of reality).”
  • ما درین دهلیز قاضی قضا  ** بهر دعوی الستیم و بلی 
  • In this court of the Judge who pronounces the Decree we are (present) for the purpose of (making good) our claim (to fulfil the covenant signified by the words) “Am not I (your Lord)?” and “Yea”;
  • که بلی گفتیم و آن را ز امتحان  ** فعل و قول ما شهودست و بیان  175
  • For we said, “Yea,” and (since we are) on trial our acts and words are the (necessary) witnesses and evidence of that (assent).
  • از چه در دهلیز قاضی ای گواه  ** حبس باشی ده شهادت از پگاه 
  • Wherefore do we keep silence in the court of the Judge? Have not we come (here) to bear testimony?
  • چند در دهلیز قاضی ای گواه‌  ** حبس باشی ده شهادت از بگاه
  • How long, O witness, wilt thou remain under detention in the court of the Judge? Give thy testimony betimes.
  • زان بخواندندت بدین‌جا تا که تو  ** آن گواهی بدهی و ناری عتو 
  • Thou hast been summoned hither that thou mayst give the testimony and show no disobedience;
  • از لجاج خویشتن بنشسته‌ای  ** اندرین تنگی کف و لب بسته‌ای 
  • (But) in thy obstinacy thou hast sat down and closed (both) hand and mouth in this confinement.
  • تا بندهی آن گواهی ای شهید  ** تو ازین دهلیز کی خواهی رهید  180
  • Until thou give that testimony, O witness, how wilt thou escape from this court?
  • یک زمان کارست بگزار و بتاز  ** کار کوته را مکن بر خود دراز 
  • ’Tis the affair of a moment. Perform (thy duty) and run away: do not make a short matter long (tedious and irksome) to thyself.