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  • ور نکردی زندگانی منیر  ** یک دو دم ماندست مردانه بمیر 
  • And if you have not (yet) led the illuminative life, one or two moments (still) remain: die (to self) like a man!
  • فیما یرجی من رحمة الله تعالی معطی النعم قبل استحقاقها و هو الذی ینزل الغیث من بعد ما قنطوا و رب بعد یورث قربا و رب معصیة میمونة و رب سعادة تاتی من حیث یرجی النقم لیعلم ان الله یبدل سیاتهم حسنات 
  • Concerning what may be hoped for from the mercy of God most High, who bestows His favours before they have been deserved— and He it is who sends down the rain after they have despaired. And many an estrangement produces intimacy (as its result), and there is many a blessed sin, and many a happiness that comes in a case where penalties are expected, in order that it may be known that God changes their evil deeds to good.
  • در حدیث آمد که روز رستخیز  ** امر آید هر یکی تن را که خیز 
  • In the Traditions (of the Prophet) it is related that on the Day of Resurrection every single body will be commanded to arise.
  • نفخ صور امرست از یزدان پاک  ** که بر آرید ای ذرایر سر ز خاک 
  • The blast of the trumpet is the command from the Holy God, namely, “O children (of Adam), lift up your heads from the grave.”
  • باز آید جان هر یک در بدن  ** هم‌چو وقت صبح هوش آید به تن 
  • (Then) every one's soul will return to its body, just as consciousness returns to the (awakened) body at dawn.
  • جان تن خود را شناسد وقت روز  ** در خراب خود در آید چون کنوز  1775
  • At daybreak the soul recognises its own body and re-enters its own ruin, like treasures (hidden in waste places).
  • جسم خود بشناسد و در وی رود  ** جان زرگر سوی درزی کی رود 
  • It recognises its own body and goes into it: how should the soul of the goldsmith go to the tailor?
  • جان عالم سوی عالم می‌دود  ** روح ظالم سوی ظالم می‌دود 
  • The soul of the scholar runs to the scholar, the spirit of the tyrant runs to the tyrant;
  • که شناسا کردشان علم اله  ** چونک بره و میش وقت صبحگاه 
  • For the Divine Knowledge has made them (the souls) cognisant (of their bodies), as (happens with) the lamb and the ewe, at the hour of dawn.
  • پای کفش خود شناسد در ظلم  ** چون نداند جان تن خود ای صنم 
  • The foot knows its own shoe in the dark: how should not the soul know its own body, O worshipful one?
  • صبح حشر کوچکست ای مستجیر  ** حشر اکبر را قیاس از وی بگیر  1780
  • Dawn is the little resurrection: O seeker of refuge (with God), judge from it what the greater resurrection will be like.