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  • سوی دیوان قضا پویان شوند  ** نقد نیک و بد به کوره می‌روند 
  • They will be running to the Díwán (Chancery) of the (Divine) Decree: the good and bad coin will go into the crucible—
  • نقد نیکو شادمان و ناز ناز  ** نقد قلب اندر زحیر و در گداز 
  • The good coin joyously and with great delight; the false coin in anguish and melting (with terror).
  • لحظه لحظه امتحانها می‌رسد  ** سر دلها می‌نماید در جسد 
  • At every moment the (Divine) probations will be arriving (coming into action): the thoughts concealed in the heart will be appearing in the body,
  • چون ز قندیل آب و روغن گشته فاش  ** یا چو خاکی که بروید سرهاش  1800
  • As when the water and oil in a lamp are exposed to view, or like a piece of earth from which grow up the (seeds) deposited within.
  • از پیاز و گندنا و کوکنار  ** سر دی پیدا کند دست بهار 
  • From onion, leek, and poppy the hand of Spring reveals the secret of Winter—
  • آن یکی سرسبز نحن المتقون  ** وآن دگر هم‌چون بنفشه سرنگون 
  • One (party) fresh and green, saying, “We are the devout”; and the other drooping their heads like the violet,
  • چشمها بیرون جهید از خطر  ** گشته ده چشمه ز بیم مستقر 
  • Their eyes starting out (of the sockets) from (dread of) the danger, and streaming like ten fountains from fear of the appointed end;
  • باز مانده دیده‌ها در انتظار  ** تا که نامه ناید از سوی یسار 
  • Their eyes remaining in (fearful) expectation, lest the scroll (of their deeds) come (to them) from the left side;
  • چشم گردان سوی راست و سوی چپ  ** زانک نبود بخت نامه‌ی راست زپ  1805
  • Their eyes rolling to right and left, because the fortune of the scroll (that comes) from the right (side) is not easy (to win).
  • نامه‌ای آید به دست بنده‌ای  ** سر سیه از جرم و فسق آگنده‌ای 
  • (Then) there comes into the hand of (such) a servant (of God) a scroll headed with black and cram-full of crime and wickedness;