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  • از منی بودی منی را واگذار  ** ای ایاز آن پوستین را یاد دار 
  • Thou wert (originally composed) of seed: relinquish egoism! O Ayáz, keep in mind that sheepskin jacket!
  • قصه‌ی ایاز و حجره داشتن او جهت چارق و پوستین و گمان آمدن خواجه تاشانس را کی او را در آن حجره دفینه است به سبب محکمی در و گرانی قفل 
  • The Story of Ayáz and his having a chamber for his rustic shoon and sheepskin jacket; and how his fellow-servants thought he had a buried treasure in that room, because the door was so strong and the lock so heavy.
  • آن ایاز از زیرکی انگیخته  ** پوستین و چارقش آویخته 
  • Impelled by sagacity, Ayáz hung up his sheepskin jacket and rustic shoon.
  • می‌رود هر روز در حجره‌ی خلا  ** چارقت اینست منگر درعلا 
  • Every day he would go into the private chamber, (saying to himself), “These are thy shoon: do not regard thy (present) eminence.”
  • شاه را گفتند او را حجره‌ایست  ** اندر آنجا زر و سیم و خمره‌ایست 
  • They (his rivals) said to the King (Mahmúd), “He has a chamber, and in it there is gold and silver and a jar (of treasure).
  • راه می‌ندهد کسی را اندرو  ** بسته می‌دارد همیشه آن در او  1860
  • He admits no one into it: he always keeps the door locked.”
  • شاه فرمود ای عجب آن بنده را  ** چیست خود پنهان و پوشیده ز ما 
  • The King said, “Oh, I wonder what in sooth that servant (of mine) has that is hidden and concealed from me.”
  • پس اشارت کرد میری را که رو  ** نیم‌شب بگشای و اندر حجره شو 
  • Then he gave orders to a certain Amír, saying, “Go at midnight and open (the door) and enter the room.
  • هر چه یابی مر ترا یغماش کن  ** سر او را بر ندیمان فاش کن 
  • Whatever you find is yours: plunder him, expose his secret to the courtiers.
  • با چنین اکرام و لطف بی‌عدد  ** از لیمی سیم و زر پنهان کند 
  • Notwithstanding such innumerable kindnesses and favours (as I have bestowed upon him), does he meanly hide silver and gold (from me)?
  • می‌نماید او وفا و عشق و جوش  ** وانگه او گندم‌نمای جوفروش  1865
  • He professes loyalty and love and enthusiasm—and then (after all) he is one who shows wheat and sells barley!