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  • روزه گوید کرد تقوی از حلال  ** در حرامش دان که نبود اتصال 
  • Fasting says (implicitly), “He has abstained from what is lawful: know (therefore) that he has no connexion with what is unlawful”;
  • وان زکاتش گفت کو از مال خویش  ** می‌دهد پس چون بدزدد ز اهل کیش  190
  • And his alms-giving said (implicitly), “He gives of his own property: how, then, should he steal from the religious?”
  • گر بطراری کند پس دو گواه  ** جرح شد در محکمه‌ی عدل اله 
  • If he act as a cutpurse (from self-interest), then the two witnesses are invalidated in the court of Divine justice.
  • هست صیاد ار کند دانه نثار  ** نه ز رحم و جود بل بهر شکار 
  • He is a fowler if he scatter grain not from mercy and munificence but in order to catch (the birds).
  • هست گربه‌ی روزه‌دار اندر صیام  ** خفته کرده خویش بهر صید خام 
  • He is a cat keeping the fast and feigning to be asleep at fast-time for the purpose of (seizing) his ignorant prey.
  • کرده بدظن زین کژی صد قوم را  ** کرده بدنام اهل جود و صوم را 
  • By this unrighteousness he makes a hundred parties (of people) suspicious, he causes the generous and abstinent to be in ill repute.
  • فضل حق با این که او کژ می‌تند  ** عاقبت زین جمله پاکش می‌کند  195
  • (But) notwithstanding that he weaves crookedly, in the end the grace of God will purge him of all this (hypocrisy).
  • سبق برده رحمتش وان غدر را  ** داده نوری که نباشد بدر را 
  • His (God's) mercy takes precedence (over His wrath) and bestows on that treachery (hypocrisy) a light that the full-moon does not possess.
  • کوششش را شسته حق زین اختلاط  ** غسل داده رحمت او را زین خباط 
  • God cleanses his effort of this contamination: the (Divine) Mercy washes him clean of this folly.
  • تا که غفاری او ظاهر شود  ** مغفری کلیش را غافر شود 
  • In order that His great forgivingness may be made manifest, a helmet (of forgiveness) will cover his (the hypocrite's) baldness.