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  • چون نماند مایه‌اش تیره شود  ** هم‌چو ما اندر زمین خیره شود 
  • When its stock (of spiritual grace) is exhausted, it becomes turbid: it becomes abject on the earth, as we are.
  • استعانت آب از حق جل جلاله بعد از تیره شدن 
  • How the water, after becoming turbid, entreats God Almighty to succour it.
  • ناله از باطن برآرد کای خدا  ** آنچ دادی دادم و ماندم گدا 
  • (Then) from its interior it raises cries of lamentation, saying, “O God, that which Thou gavest (me) I have given (to others) and am left a beggar.
  • ریختم سرمایه بر پاک و پلید  ** ای شه سرمایه‌ده هل من مزید 
  • I poured the (whole) capital over pure and impure (alike): O King who givest the capital, is there any more?”
  • ابر را گوید ببر جای خوشش  ** هم تو خورشیدا به بالا بر کشش 
  • He (God) saith to the cloud, “Bear it (the water) to the delectable place; and thou too, O sun, draw it up aloft.”
  • راههای مختلف می‌راندش  ** تا رساند سوی بحر بی‌حدش  220
  • He maketh it to go diverse ways, that He may bring it unto the boundless sea.
  • خود غرض زین آب جان اولیاست  ** کو غسول تیرگیهای شماست 
  • Verily, what is meant by this water is the spirit of the saints, which washes away your dark stains.
  • چون شود تیره ز غدر اهل فرش  ** باز گردد سوی پاکی بخش عرش 
  • When it is stained dark by (washing) the treason of the inhabitants of the earth, it returns to Him who endows Heaven with purity.
  • باز آرد زان طرف دامن کشان  ** از طهارات محیط او درسشان 
  • From yonder, trailing the skirt (of glory), it brings back to them lessons concerning the purities of the All-encompassing (God).
  • از تیمم وا رماند جمله را  ** وز تحری طالبان قبله را 
  • Through mingling with the people (of the world) it falls sick and desires (to make) that journey, saying, “Revive us, O Bilál!
  • ز اختلاط خلق یابد اعتلال  ** آن سفر جوید که ارحنا یا بلال  225
  • O melodious sweet-voiced Bilál, go up into the minaret, beat the drum of departure.”