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  • این چنین نامه که پرظلم و جفاست  ** کی بود خود درخور اندر دست راست 
  • How indeed should a scroll like this, which is full of iniquity and injury, be fit (to place) in the right hand?
  • در بیان کسی کی سخنی گوید کی حال او مناسب آن سخن و آن دعوی نباشد چنان که کفره و لن سالتهم من خلق السموات والارض لیقولن الله خدمت بت سنگین کردن و جان و زر فدای او کردن چه مناسب باشد با جانی کی داند کی خالق سموات و ارض و خلایق الهیست سمیعی بصیری حاضری مراقبی مستولی غیوری الی آخره 
  • Explaining the case of a person who makes a statement when his behaviour is not consistent with that statement and profession, like the infidels (of whom God hath said): “and if thou ask them who created the heavens and the earth they will surely say, ‘Allah.’” How is the worship of a stone idol and the sacrifice of life and wealth for its sake appropriate to a soul which knows that the creator of heaven and earth and (all) created beings is a God, all-hearing, all-seeing, omnipresent, all-observing, all dominating, jealous, etc.?
  • زاهدی را یک زنی بد بس غیور  ** هم بد او را یک کنیزک هم‌چو حور 
  • A certain ascetic had a very jealous wife: he also had a maid-servant (beautiful) as a houri.
  • زان ز غیرت پاس شوهر داشتی  ** با کنیزک خلوتش نگذاشتی 
  • The wife used to watch her husband jealously and not let him be alone with the maid.
  • مدتی زن شد مراقب هر دو را  ** تاکشان فرصت نیفتد در خلا  2165
  • For a long time the wife watched them both, lest an opportunity should occur for their being alone (together)—
  • تا در آمد حکم و تقدیر اله  ** عقل حارس خیره‌سر گشت و تباه 
  • Until the decree and fore-ordainment of God arrived: (then) the watchman, Reason, became giddy-headed and good-for-nothing.
  • حکم و تقدیرش چو آید بی‌وقوف  ** عقل کی بود در قمر افتد خسوف 
  • When His decree and fore-ordainment arrives unawares, who is Reason? Eclipse overtakes (even) the moon.
  • بود در حمام آن زن ناگهان  ** یادش آمد طشت و در خانه بد آن 
  • The wife was at the (public) bath: suddenly she remembered the wash-basin and (that) it was (had been left) at home.
  • با کنیزک گفت رو هین مرغ‌وار  ** طشت سیمین را ز خانه‌ی ما بیار 
  • She said to the maid, “Hark, go like a bird and fetch the silver basin from our house.”
  • آن کنیزک زنده شد چون این شنید  ** که به خواجه این زمان خواهد رسید  2170
  • On hearing this, the maid came to life, for (she knew that) now she would obtain (a meeting with) the master,
  • خواجه در خانه‌ست و خلوت این زمان  ** پس دوان شد سوی خانه شادمان 
  • (Since) the master was then at home and alone. So she ran joyously to the house.