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  • در میان یارب و یارب بد او  ** بانگ آمد از میان جست و جو 
  • He was deep in “O Lord” and “O Lord” (when suddenly) from amidst the (people engaged in) search came the (following) announcement.
  • نوبت جستن رسیدن به نصوح و آواز آمدن که همه را جستیم نصوح را بجویید و بیهوش شدن نصوح از آن هیبت و گشاده شدن کار بعد از نهایت بستگی کماکان یقول رسول الله صلی الله علیه و سلم اذا اصابه مرض او هم اشتدی ازمة تنفرجی 
  • [How the turn came for Nasúh to be searched, and how a voice proclaimed—“We have searched them all, (now) search Nasúh”; and how Nasúh became senseless from terror, and how after extreme oppression of spirit the way of deliverance was opened to him, as the Prophet of God—may God bless and save him!— used to say, whenever sickness or anxiety overtook him, “O distress, become severe: then thou wilt pass away.”]
  • جمله را جستیم پیش آی ای نصوح  ** گشت بیهوش آن زمان پرید روح 
  • “We have searched them all: come forward, O Nasúh.” Thereupon he lost his senses, his spirit took wing.
  • هم‌چو دیوار شکسته در فتاد  ** هوش و عقلش رفت شد او چون جماد 
  • He fell like a broken wall: his consciousness and understanding departed, he became like lifeless matter.
  • چونک هوشش رفت از تن بی‌امان  ** سر او با حق بپیوست آن زمان  2275
  • When his consciousness went without delay from his body, at that moment his inmost soul was united with God.
  • چون تهی گشت و وجود او نماند  ** باز جانش را خدا در پیش خواند 
  • When he was emptied (of self) and his (self-) existence remained not, God called the falcon, his soul, into His presence.
  • چون شکست آن کشتی او بی‌مراد  ** در کنار رحمت دریا فتاد 
  • When his ship was wrecked and every hope had failed, he was cast on the seashore of (Divine) Mercy.
  • جان به حق پیوست چون بی‌هوش شد  ** موج رحمت آن زمان در جوش شد 
  • His soul became united with God: at the moment when he lost consciousness the waves of Mercy began to surge.
  • چون که جانش وا رهید از ننگ تن  ** رفت شادان پیش اصل خویشتن 
  • When his soul was freed from the disgrace of the body, it went rejoicing towards its Origin.
  • جان چو باز و تن مرورا کنده‌ای  ** پای بسته پر شکسته بنده‌ای  2280
  • The soul is like a falcon, and the body is its fetter: (’tis) a foot-bound broken-winged creature;
  • چونک هوشش رفت و پایش بر گشاد  ** می‌پرد آن باز سوی کیقباد 
  • (But) when its self-consciousness is gone and its foot untied, that falcon flies towards the King.