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  • من بمردم یک ره و باز آمدم  ** من چشیدم تلخی مرگ و عدم 
  • I died (to self) once (and for all), and (then) I came back (to spiritual life): I tasted the bitterness of death and non-existence.
  • توبه‌ای کردم حقیقت با خدا  ** نشکنم تا جان شدن از تن جدا 
  • I have turned to God with real repentance: I will not break (that vow) till my soul shall be parted from my body.
  • بعد آن محنت کرا بار دگر  ** پا رود سوی خطر الا که خر  2325
  • After such a tribulation, whose foot should move towards danger a second time, unless it be (the foot of) an ass?”
  • حکایت در بیان آنک کسی توبه کند و پشیمان شود و باز آن پشیمانیها را فراموش کند و آزموده را باز آزماید در خسارت ابد افتد چون توبه‌ی او را ثباتی و قوتی و حلاوتی و قبولی مدد نرسد چون درخت بی‌بیخ هر روز زردتر و خشک‌تر نعوذ بالله 
  • Story demonstrating that (when) a person repents and feels remorse and then forgets his feelings of remorse and tries again what he has tried (before), he falls into everlasting perdition. Unless his repentance be reinforced by a (great) firmness and strength and by a (great) sweetness and acceptance (experienced inwardly), it is like a rootless tree, more faded and withered every day. We take refuge with God (from that).
  • گازری بود و مر او را یک خری  ** پشت ریش اشکم تهی و لاغری 
  • (Once) there was a washerman, who had an ass with a sore on its back and empty-bellied and lean.
  • در میان سنگ لاخ بی‌گیاه  ** روز تا شب بی‌نوا و بی‌پناه 
  • (He kept it) in ground covered with stones, where no grass grew: from morning till night it went without food and shelter.
  • بهر خوردن جز که آب آنجا نبود  ** روز و شب بد خر در آن کور و کبود 
  • Except water, there was nothing for it to eat or drink: the ass was in that miserable state by day and by night.
  • آن حوالی نیستان و بیشه بود  ** شیر بود آنجا که صیدش پیشه بود 
  • In the neighbourhood was a reed-bed and a jungle, where a lion lived whose occupation was hunting.
  • شیر را با پیل نر جنگ اوفتاد  ** خسته شد آن شیر و ماند از اصطیاد  2330
  • A battle took place between the lion and a fierce elephant: the lion was wounded and disabled from going to hunt.
  • مدتی وا ماند زان ضعف از شکار  ** بی‌نوا ماندند دد از چاشت‌خوار 
  • On account of his weakness he was unable to hunt for some time, and the (smaller) wild animals were deprived of their morning-meal;
  • زانک باقی‌خوار شیر ایشان بدند  ** شیر چون رنجور شد تنگ آمدند 
  • For they used to eat the lion's leavings: when the lion became ill they suffered distress.