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  • بود سقایی مرورا یک خری  ** گشته از محنت دو تا چون چنبری 
  • There was a water-carrier who owned an ass that had been bent double like a
  • پشتش از بار گران صد جای ریش  ** عاشق و جویان روز مرگ خویش 
  • hoop by affliction. Its back was galled by the heavy load in a hundred places: it was passionately desiring the day of its death.
  • جو کجا از کاه خشک او سیر نی  ** در عقب زخمی و سیخی آهنی 
  • What of barley? It never got its fill (even) of dry straw: at its heels a (cruel) blow and an iron goad.
  • میر آخر دید او را رحم کرد  ** که آشنای صاحب خر بود مرد 
  • The Master of the (royal) stable saw it and took pity—for the man was acquainted with the owner of the ass—
  • پس سلامش کرد و پرسیدش ز حال  ** کز چه این خر گشت دوتا هم‌چو دال  2365
  • So he saluted him and asked him what had happened, saying, “What is the cause of this ass being bent double like a dál?”
  • گفت از درویشی و تقصیر من  ** که نمی‌یابد خود این بسته‌دهن 
  • He replied, “On account of my poverty and destitution this dumb animal is not getting even straw.”
  • گفت بسپارش به من تو روز چند  ** تا شود در آخر شه زورمند 
  • “Hand him over to me,” said the other, “for a few days, that in the King's stable he may grow strong.”
  • خر بدو بسپرد و آن رحمت‌پرست  ** در میان آخر سلطانش بست 
  • He handed the ass over to him, and that merciful man tethered him in the Sultan's stable.
  • خر ز هر سو مرکب تازی بدید  ** با نوا و فربه و خوب و جدید 
  • The ass saw on every side (of him) Arab horses, well-fed and fat and handsome and glossy;
  • زیر پاشان روفته آبی زده  ** که به وقت وجو به هنگام آمده  2370
  • (He saw the ground) swept (clean) under their feet and sprinkled with water; the straw coming at the (proper) time, and the barley at the hour (when it was expected).