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  • زانک می‌گویی و شرحش می‌کنی  ** چون نشانی در تو نامد ای سنی 
  • How is there no trace in thee of that which thou sayest and describest, O exalted one?”
  • مثل آوردن اشتر در بیان آنک در مخبر دولتی فر و اثر آن چون نبینی جای متهم داشتن باشد کی او مقلدست در آن 
  • Parable of the camel, explaining that when some one tells of his good fortune and you do not perceive in him any appearance or sign of welfare, there is reason to suspect that he is an imitator therein (of those who have really attained to spiritual felicity).
  • آن یکی پرسید اشتر را که هی  ** از کجا می‌آیی ای اقبال پی  2440
  • A certain man asked a camel, “Hey, whence comest thou, O thou whom fortune attends?
  • گفت از حمام گرم کوی تو  ** گفت خود پیداست در زانوی تو 
  • He replied, “From the hot-bath in thy street.” Said the other, “Truly, ’tis manifest in (the state of) thy knees!”
  • مار موسی دید فرعون عنود  ** مهلتی می‌خواست نرمی می‌نمود 
  • (When) Pharaoh, the obstinate rebel, saw Moses' snake, he begged for a respite and showed meekness.
  • زیرکان گفتند بایستی که این  ** تندتر گشتی چو هست او رب دین 
  • The men of intelligence said, “This man (Pharaoh) ought to have been fiercer, since he is the Lord of the Judgement.
  • معجزه‌گر اژدها گر مار بد  ** نخوت و خشم خدایی‌اش چه شد 
  • Whether the miracle was a dragon or a snake, what has become of the pride and wrath proper to his divinity?
  • رب اعلی گر ویست اندر جلوس  ** بهر یک کرمی چیست این چاپلوس  2445
  • If he is the Supreme Lord seated on the throne, what is this blandishment on account of a single worm?”
  • نفس تو تا مست نقلست و نبید  ** دانک روحت خوشه‌ی غیبی ندید 
  • So long as your fleshly soul is intoxicated with the dessert and date-wine (of sensuality), know that your spirit has not beheld the cluster belonging to the World Unseen,
  • که علاماتست زان دیدار نور  ** التجافی منک عن دار الغرور 
  • For the signs of that vision of the Light are (consist in) your withdrawal from the abode of delusion.
  • مرغ چون بر آب شوری می‌تند  ** آب شیرین را ندیدست او مدد 
  • Since the bird is frequenting a briny (piece of) water, it has not seen (found) help (for its thirst) in the sweet water;