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  • مار موسی دید فرعون عنود  ** مهلتی می‌خواست نرمی می‌نمود 
  • (When) Pharaoh, the obstinate rebel, saw Moses' snake, he begged for a respite and showed meekness.
  • زیرکان گفتند بایستی که این  ** تندتر گشتی چو هست او رب دین 
  • The men of intelligence said, “This man (Pharaoh) ought to have been fiercer, since he is the Lord of the Judgement.
  • معجزه‌گر اژدها گر مار بد  ** نخوت و خشم خدایی‌اش چه شد 
  • Whether the miracle was a dragon or a snake, what has become of the pride and wrath proper to his divinity?
  • رب اعلی گر ویست اندر جلوس  ** بهر یک کرمی چیست این چاپلوس  2445
  • If he is the Supreme Lord seated on the throne, what is this blandishment on account of a single worm?”
  • نفس تو تا مست نقلست و نبید  ** دانک روحت خوشه‌ی غیبی ندید 
  • So long as your fleshly soul is intoxicated with the dessert and date-wine (of sensuality), know that your spirit has not beheld the cluster belonging to the World Unseen,
  • که علاماتست زان دیدار نور  ** التجافی منک عن دار الغرور 
  • For the signs of that vision of the Light are (consist in) your withdrawal from the abode of delusion.
  • مرغ چون بر آب شوری می‌تند  ** آب شیرین را ندیدست او مدد 
  • Since the bird is frequenting a briny (piece of) water, it has not seen (found) help (for its thirst) in the sweet water;
  • بلک تقلیدست آن ایمان او  ** روی ایمان را ندیده جان او 
  • Nay, its faith is (mere) imitation: its spirit has never seen the face of faith.
  • پس خطر باشد مقلد را عظیم  ** از ره و ره‌زن ز شیطان رجیم  2450
  • Hence, because of the accursed Devil, the imitator is in great danger from the road and the brigand;
  • چون ببیند نور حق آمن شود  ** ز اضطرابات شک او ساکن شود 
  • (But) when he beholds the Light of God, he becomes safe: he is at rest from the agitations of doubt.