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  • پس مجو از وی گواه فعل و گفت  ** که ازو هر دو جهان چون گل شکفت  245
  • Therefore do not demand of him the testimony of act and speech, for through him both the worlds have blossomed like a rose.
  • این گواهی چیست اظهار نهان  ** خواه قول و خواه فعل و غیر آن 
  • What is this testimony? The making manifest of that which is hidden, whether (by) word or act or something else;
  • که عرض اظهار سر جوهرست  ** وصف باقی وین عرض بر معبرست 
  • For its object is to make manifest the inward nature of the spiritual substance: the attributes (of that substance) are permanent, though these accidents (such as acts and words) are fleeting.
  • این نشان زر نماند بر محک  ** زر بماند نیک نام و بی ز شک 
  • The mark of the gold on the touchstone does not remain, (but) the gold (itself) remains—of good renown and undoubted.
  • این صلات و این جهاد و این صیام  ** هم نماند جان بماند نیک‌نام 
  • Similarly, (all) this ritual prayer and holy war and fasting does not remain, but the spirit remains in good renown (for ever).
  • جان چنین افعال و اقوالی نمود  ** بر محک امر جوهر را بسود  250
  • The spirit produced certain acts and words of this kind (as proofs): it rubbed its substance on the touchstone of the (Divine) command,
  • که اعتقادم راستست اینک گواه  ** لیک هست اندر گواهان اشتباه 
  • As though to say, “My belief is perfect: here is the witness!” (Yes), but there is doubt as regards the witnesses.
  • تزکیه باید گواهان را بدان  ** تزکیش صدقی که موقوفی بدان 
  • Know that the probity of the witnesses must be established: the means of establishing it is a (great) sincerity: thou art dependent on that.
  • حفظ لفظ اندر گواه قولیست  ** حفظ عهد اندر گواه فعلیست 
  • In the case of the word-witness, ’tis keeping thy word (that is the test); in the case of the act-witness, ’tis keeping thy covenant (to perform these acts).
  • گر گواه قول کژ گوید ردست  ** ور گواه فعل کژ پوید ردست 
  • The word-witness is rejected if it speaks falsely, and the act-witness is rejected if it does not run straight.