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  • معده را خو کن بدان ریحان و گل  ** تا بیابی حکمت و قوت رسل  2475
  • Accustom your belly to the sweet basil and the rose, that you may gain the wisdom and (spiritual) food of the prophets.
  • خوی معده زین که و جو باز کن  ** خوردن ریحان و گل آغاز کن 
  • Break your belly of its habit of (eating) this straw and barley: begin to eat the sweet basil and the rose.
  • معده‌ی تن سوی کهدان می‌کشد  ** معده‌ی دل سوی ریحان می‌کشد 
  • The corporeal belly leads to the straw-barn; the spiritual belly leads to the sweet basil.
  • هر که کاه و جو خورد قربان شود  ** هر که نور حق خورد قرآن شود 
  • Whoever feeds on straw and barley becomes a sacrifice (qurbán); whoever feeds on the Light of God becomes the Qur’án.
  • نیم تو مشکست و نیمی پشک هین  ** هین میفزا پشک افزا مشک چین 
  • Beware! Half of you is musk and half is dung. Beware! Do not increase the dung, increase the Chinese musk.
  • آن مقلد صد دلیل و صد بیان  ** در زبان آرد ندارد هیچ جان  2480
  • The imitator brings on to his tongue a hundred proofs and explanations, but he has no soul.
  • چونک گوینده ندارد جان و فر  ** گفت او را کی بود برگ و ثمر 
  • When the speaker has no soul and (spiritual) glory, how should his speech have leaves and fruit?
  • می‌کند گستاخ مردم را به راه  ** او بجان لرزان‌ترست از برگ کاه 
  • He boldly directs people in the Way (to salvation), (though) he is more tremulous (infirm) in soul than a blade of straw.
  • پس حدیثش گرچه بس با فر بود  ** در حدیثش لرزه هم مضمر بود 
  • Therefore, though his discourse may be splendid, tremor (infirmity) is also latent in his discourse.
  • فرق میان دعوت شیخ کامل واصل و میان سخن ناقصان فاضل فضل تحصیلی بر بسته 
  • The difference between the call of the perfect Shaykh who is united with God and the words of imperfect men whose (spiritual) virtues are acquired and artificial.
  • شیخ نورانی ز ره آگه کند  ** با سخن هم نور را همره کند 
  • The illumined Shaykh makes (his disciples) cognisant of the Way; moreover, he causes the light (of faith) to accompany his words.