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  • پس حدیثش گرچه بس با فر بود  ** در حدیثش لرزه هم مضمر بود 
  • Therefore, though his discourse may be splendid, tremor (infirmity) is also latent in his discourse.
  • فرق میان دعوت شیخ کامل واصل و میان سخن ناقصان فاضل فضل تحصیلی بر بسته 
  • The difference between the call of the perfect Shaykh who is united with God and the words of imperfect men whose (spiritual) virtues are acquired and artificial.
  • شیخ نورانی ز ره آگه کند  ** با سخن هم نور را همره کند 
  • The illumined Shaykh makes (his disciples) cognisant of the Way; moreover, he causes the light (of faith) to accompany his words.
  • جهد کن تا مست و نورانی شوی  ** تا حدیثت را شود نورش روی  2485
  • Strive to become intoxicated and illumined, in order that his light may be (like) the rhyme-letter to your discourse.
  • هر چه در دوشاب جوشیده شود  ** در عقیده طعم دوشابش بود 
  • Whatever (fruit or vegetable) is boiled in grape-juice, the flavour of grape-juice will be (tasted) in its syrup.
  • از جزر وز سیب و به وز گردگان  ** لذت دوشاب یابی تو از آن 
  • (Whether it be syrup) of carrots or apples or quinces or walnuts, you will taste in it the delicious flavour of grape-juice.
  • علم اندر نور چون فرغرده شد  ** پس ز علمت نور یابد قوم لد 
  • When your knowledge is steeped in the light (of faith), then the contumacious folk derive light from your knowledge.
  • هر چه گویی باشد آن هم نورناک  ** که آسمان هرگز نبارد غیر پاک 
  • Whatsoever you say, too, will be luminous, for the sky never rains aught but pure (water).
  • آسمان شو ابر شو باران ببار  ** ناودان بارش کند نبود به کار  2490
  • Become (like) the sky, become (like) the cloud and shed rain: the spout rains (too), (but) it is not at work (productively).
  • آب اندر ناودان عاریتیست  ** آب اندر ابر و دریا فطرتیست 
  • The water in the spout is borrowed; the water in the cloud and in the sea is original.
  • فکر و اندیشه‌ست مثل ناودان  ** وحی و مکشوفست ابر و آسمان 
  • Your thought and cogitation resemble the spout; inspiration and revelation are (like) the cloud and the sky.