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  • که اعتقادم راستست اینک گواه  ** لیک هست اندر گواهان اشتباه 
  • As though to say, “My belief is perfect: here is the witness!” (Yes), but there is doubt as regards the witnesses.
  • تزکیه باید گواهان را بدان  ** تزکیش صدقی که موقوفی بدان 
  • Know that the probity of the witnesses must be established: the means of establishing it is a (great) sincerity: thou art dependent on that.
  • حفظ لفظ اندر گواه قولیست  ** حفظ عهد اندر گواه فعلیست 
  • In the case of the word-witness, ’tis keeping thy word (that is the test); in the case of the act-witness, ’tis keeping thy covenant (to perform these acts).
  • گر گواه قول کژ گوید ردست  ** ور گواه فعل کژ پوید ردست 
  • The word-witness is rejected if it speaks falsely, and the act-witness is rejected if it does not run straight.
  • قول و فعل بی‌تناقض بایدت  ** تا قبول اندر زمان بیش آیدت  255
  • Thou must have words and acts that are not self-contradictory, in order that thou mayst meet with immediate acceptance.
  • سعیکم شتی تناقض اندرید  ** روز می‌دوزید شب بر می‌درید 
  • Your efforts are diverse, ye are in contradiction: ye are sewing by day and tearing up (what ye have sewn) by night.
  • پس گواهی با تناقض کی شنود  ** یا مگر حلمی کند از لطف خود 
  • Who, then, will hearken to testimony that contradicts itself, unless indeed He (the Judge) graciously show a (great) forbearance?
  • فعل و قول اظهار سرست و ضمیر  ** هر دو پیدا می‌کند سر ستیر 
  • Act and word are (for) the manifestation of the inward thought and hidden mind: both are divulging the veiled secret.
  • چون گواهت تزکیه شد شد قبول  ** ورنه محبوس است اندر مول مول 
  • When thy witness has been proved honest, it is accepted; otherwise, it is kept in detention as a prisoner.
  • تا تو بستیزی ستیزند ای حرون  ** فانتظرهم انهم منتظرون  260
  • O recalcitrant one, so long as thou contendest (with the holy saints) they will contend (with thee). Lie in wait for them, then! Verily, they are lying in wait (for thee).
  • عرضه کردن مصطفی علیه‌السلام شهادت را بر مهمان خویش 
  • How Mustafá, on whom be peace, offered the Testimony (profession of the Faith) to his guest.