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  • نقل بر نقلست و می بر می هلا  ** بر مناره رو بزن بانگ صلا 
  • ’Tis dessert on dessert and wine on wine! Ho, go up on the minaret and proclaim that all are welcome (to the feast).
  • سرکه‌ی نه ساله شیرین می‌شود  ** سنگ و مرمر لعل و زرین می‌شود 
  • The nine years old vinegar is becoming sweet; the stone and marble are becoming ruby(-like) and golden.
  • آفتاب اندر فلک دستک‌زنان  ** ذره‌ها چون عاشقان بازی‌کنان 
  • The sun in heaven is clapping his hands: the motes are dancing like lovers.
  • چشمها مخمور شد از سبزه‌زار  ** گل شکوفه می‌کند بر شاخسار  2535
  • (All) eyes are intoxicated with the orchard abounding in greenery, (where) the blossoms are budding on the boughs.
  • چشم دولت سحر مطلق می‌کند  ** روح شد منصور انا الحق می‌زند 
  • The eye of blessedness works absolute magic: the spirit is made victorious (mansúr), crying “I am God.”
  • گر خری را می‌برد روبه ز سر  ** گو ببر تو خر مباش و غم مخور 
  • If the fox is seducing an ass, let him seduce (him)! Do not thou be an ass, and be not troubled.
  • حکایت آن شخص کی از ترس خویشتن را در خانه‌ای انداخت رخها زرد چون زعفران لبها کبود چون نیل دست لرزان چون برگ درخت خداوند خانه پرسید کی خیرست چه واقعه است گفت بیرون خر می‌گیرند به سخره گفت مبارک خر می‌گیرند تو خر نیستی چه می‌ترسی گفت خر به جد می‌گیرند تمییز برخاسته است امروز ترسم کی مرا خر گیرند 
  • Story of the person who rushed into a house in terror, with cheeks yellow (pale) as saffron, lips blue as indigo, and hands trembling like the leaves of a tree. The master of the house asked, “Is all well (with you)? What is the matter?” He replied, “Outside they are taking asses by force.” “Bless you!” cried the other; “they are taking asses, (but) you are not an ass: what are you afraid of?” He said, “They are taking (them) in a great hurry: (all) discrimination has ceased. To-day I am afraid they will take me for an ass.”
  • آن یکی در خانه‌ای در می‌گریخت  ** زرد رو و لب کبود و رنگ ریخت 
  • A certain man took refuge in a house: his face was yellow, his lips blue, and his colour had ebbed away.
  • صاحب خانه بگفتش خیر هست  ** که همی لرزد ترا چون پیر دست 
  • The master of the house said to him, “Is it well (with you)? for your hand is trembling like (that of) an old man.
  • واقعه چونست چون بگریختی  ** رنگ رخساره چنین چون ریختی  2540
  • What has happened? Why have you taken refuge (here)? How have you lost the colour of your face so (entirely)?”