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  • گر خری را می‌برد روبه ز سر  ** گو ببر تو خر مباش و غم مخور 
  • If the fox is seducing an ass, let him seduce (him)! Do not thou be an ass, and be not troubled.
  • حکایت آن شخص کی از ترس خویشتن را در خانه‌ای انداخت رخها زرد چون زعفران لبها کبود چون نیل دست لرزان چون برگ درخت خداوند خانه پرسید کی خیرست چه واقعه است گفت بیرون خر می‌گیرند به سخره گفت مبارک خر می‌گیرند تو خر نیستی چه می‌ترسی گفت خر به جد می‌گیرند تمییز برخاسته است امروز ترسم کی مرا خر گیرند 
  • Story of the person who rushed into a house in terror, with cheeks yellow (pale) as saffron, lips blue as indigo, and hands trembling like the leaves of a tree. The master of the house asked, “Is all well (with you)? What is the matter?” He replied, “Outside they are taking asses by force.” “Bless you!” cried the other; “they are taking asses, (but) you are not an ass: what are you afraid of?” He said, “They are taking (them) in a great hurry: (all) discrimination has ceased. To-day I am afraid they will take me for an ass.”
  • آن یکی در خانه‌ای در می‌گریخت  ** زرد رو و لب کبود و رنگ ریخت 
  • A certain man took refuge in a house: his face was yellow, his lips blue, and his colour had ebbed away.
  • صاحب خانه بگفتش خیر هست  ** که همی لرزد ترا چون پیر دست 
  • The master of the house said to him, “Is it well (with you)? for your hand is trembling like (that of) an old man.
  • واقعه چونست چون بگریختی  ** رنگ رخساره چنین چون ریختی  2540
  • What has happened? Why have you taken refuge (here)? How have you lost the colour of your face so (entirely)?”
  • گفت بهر سخره‌ی شاه حرون  ** خر همی‌گیرند امروز از برون 
  • “To-day,” said he, “they are seizing asses outside (in the streets) to do forced labour for the tyrannical king.”
  • گفت می‌گیرند کو خر جان عم  ** چون نه‌ای خر رو ترا زین چیست غم 
  • He (the householder) replied, “O beloved of your uncle, they are taking it because it is an ass: since you are not an ass, go (your way): why are you troubled at this?”
  • گفت بس جدند و گرم اندر گرفت  ** گر خرم گیرند هم نبود شگفت 
  • He answered, “They are very urgent and furious in taking (them): ’twill be no wonder if they take me too for an ass.
  • بهر خرگیری بر آوردند دست  ** جدجد تمییز هم برخاستست 
  • They have put their hands with all their might to (the job of) taking asses: accordingly discrimination has ceased.”
  • چونک بی‌تمییزیان‌مان سرورند  ** صاحب خر را به جای خر برند  2545
  • Since undiscriminating persons are our rulers, they carry off the owner of the ass instead of the ass.
  • نیست شاه شهر ما بیهوده گیر  ** هست تمییزش سمیعست و بصیر 
  • (But) the King of our city is not one who takes at random: He has discrimination, He is hearing and seeing.