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  • از ره سر صد هزاران دگر  ** گشته از توبه شکستن خوک و خر 
  • Through breaking (vows of) repentance a hundred thousand others have become hogs and asses inwardly.
  • دوم بار آمدن روبه بر این خر گریخته تا باز بفریبدش 
  • How the fox approached the runaway ass a second time in order to beguile him once more.
  • پس بیامد زود روبه سوی خر  ** گفت خر از چون تو یاری الحذر  2600
  • Then the fox came quickly towards the ass: the ass said, “One must beware of a friend like you.
  • ناجوامردا چه کردم من ترا  ** که به پیش اژدها بردی مرا 
  • Ignoble creature, what did I do to you that you brought me into the presence of a dragon?
  • موجب کین تو با جانم چه بود  ** غیر خبث جوهر تو ای عنود 
  • What but the malignity of your nature was the cause of your enmity to my life, O perverse one?”—
  • هم‌چو کزدم کو گزد پای فتی  ** نارسیده از وی او را زحمتی 
  • Like the scorpion, which bites a man's foot though no inconvenience has come to it from him,
  • یا چو دیوی کو عدوی جان ماست  ** نارسیده زحمتش از ما و کاست 
  • Or like the Devil who is the enemy of our souls, though no inconvenience or injury has befallen him from us;
  • بلک طبعا خصم جان آدمیست  ** از هلاک آدمی در خرمیست  2605
  • Nay, but he is naturally the adversary of the human soul and rejoices at the destruction of Man;
  • از پی هر آدمی او نسکلد  ** خو و طبع زشت خود او کی هلد 
  • He never breaks off his pursuit of any human being: how should he abandon his wicked disposition and nature?
  • زانک خبث ذات او بی‌موجبی  ** هست سوی ظلم و عدوان جاذبی 
  • For, without any cause, his essential malignity pulls him on to (commit) injustice and tyranny.
  • هر زمان خواند ترا تا خرگهی  ** که در اندازد ترا اندر چهی 
  • He continually invites thee to a spacious tent in order that he may cast thee into a pit,