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  • دیده‌ی عقلت بدو بیرون جهد  ** طعن اوت اندر کف طاعون نهد 
  • Through him the eye of thy reason starts out (of the socket): his (vicious) thrusts deliver thee into the hands of pestilence.
  • جواب گفتن روبه خر را 
  • The answer of the fox to the ass.
  • گفت روبه صاف ما را درد نیست  ** لیک تخییلات وهمی خورد نیست  2640
  • The fox said, “There are no dregs in my pure liquor, but the illusions of imagination are not small.
  • این همه وهم توست ای ساده‌دل  ** ورنه بر تو نه غشی دارم نه غل 
  • All this is your imagination, O simpleton, for I bear no malice and rancour against you.
  • از خیال زشت خود منگر به من  ** بر محبان از چه داری س ظن 
  • Do not regard me from (the standpoint of) your evil fancy: wherefore do you cherish ill thoughts against your lovers?
  • ظن نیکو بر بر اخوان صفا  ** گرچه آید ظاهرا زیشان جفا 
  • Think well of the sincere, even though unkindness come from them in appearance.
  • این خیال و وهم بد چون شد پدید  ** صد هزاران یار را از هم برید 
  • When this evil fancy and imagination is manifested, it severs a hundred thousand friends from one another.
  • مشفقی گر کرد جور و امتحان  ** عقل باید که نباشد بدگمان  2645
  • If an affectionate (friend) has behaved unjustly and made a trial (of one's loyalty), understanding is needed to prevent one from thinking ill (of him).
  • خصاه من بدرگ نبودم زشت‌اسم  ** آنک دیدی بد نبد بود آن طلسم 
  • In particular, I, who have a bad name, was not evil-natured (in regard to you): what you saw was nothing evil, it was (only) a magic spell;
  • ور بدی بد آن سگالش قدرا  ** عفو فرمایند یاران زان خطا 
  • And if, hypothetically, that purpose (of mine) had been evil, (still) friends pardon such a fault.”
  • عالم وهم و خیال طمع و بیم  ** هست ره‌رو را یکی سدی عظیم 
  • The world of imagination and the phantom of hope and fear is a great obstacle to the traveller (on the mystic Way).