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  • وآنک نور عمرش نبود سند  ** موی ابروی کژی راهش زند 
  • While he that has not the (spiritual) light of ‘Umar as his support is waylaid (deceived) by a crooked hair of the eyebrow.
  • صد هزاران کشتی با هول و سهم  ** تخته تخته گشته در دریای وهم 
  • A hundred thousand awful and terrible ships have been shattered to pieces in the sea of imagination.
  • کمترین فرعون چست فیلسوف  ** ماه او در برج وهمی در خسوف  2660
  • The least (of them is) the energetic and ingenious Pharaoh: his moon was eclipsed in the mansion of imagination.
  • کس نداند روسپی‌زن کیست آن  ** وانک داند نیستش بر خود گمان 
  • Nobody knows who is the cuckold, and he that knows has no doubt concerning himself.
  • چون ترا وهم تو دارد خیره‌سر  ** از چه گردی گرد وهم آن دگر 
  • Since thine own imagination keeps thee giddy-headed, wherefore shouldst thou revolve round the imagination of another?
  • عاجزم من از منی خویشتن  ** چه نشستی پر منی تو پیش من 
  • I am helpless against my own egoism: why hast thou, full of egoism, sat down beside me?
  • بی‌من و مایی همی‌جویم به جان  ** تا شوم من گوی آن خوش صولجان 
  • I am seeking with (all) my soul one who is free from egoism, that I may become the ball of that goodly bat.
  • هر که بی‌من شد همه من‌ها خود اوست  ** دوست جمله شد چو خود را نیست دوست  2665
  • In sooth any one who has become without ego is all egos: when he is not loved by himself he becomes loved by (them) all.
  • آینه بی‌نقش شد یابد بها  ** زانک شد حاکی جمله نقشها 
  • (When) a mirror becomes devoid of images, it gains splendour because (then) it is the reporter (reflector) of all images.
  • حکایت شیخ محمد سررزی غزنوی قدس الله سره 
  • Story of Shaykh Mohammed Sar-razí of Ghazna, may God sanctify his spirit!
  • زاهدی در غزنی از دانش مزی  ** بد محمد نام و کفیت سررزی 
  • In Ghazna there was an ascetic, abounding in knowledge (of divinity): his name was Mohammed and his title Sar-razí.