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  • حرمت و آب گدایان برده‌ای  ** این چه عباسی زشت آورده‌ای  2755
  • You have brought (all) beggars into contempt and disgrace: what abominable importunity, worthy of ‘Abbás (himself), is this that you have shown!
  • غاشیه بر دوش تو عباس دبس  ** هیچ ملحد را مباد این نفس نحس 
  • ‘Abbás (the seller) of date-syrup is (merely) your groom: may no freethinker (mulhid) have such an ill-starred soul!”
  • گفت امیرا بنده فرمانم خموش  ** ز آتشم آگه نه‌ای چندین مجوش 
  • He replied, “O Amír, I am devoted to the (Divine) command. Be silent! Thou art not acquainted with my (inward) fire: do not boil (rage) so much!
  • بهر نان در خویش حرصی دیدمی  ** اشکم نان‌خواه را بدریدمی 
  • Had I found in myself any greed for bread, I would have ripped my bread craving belly.
  • هفت سال از سوز عشق جسم‌پز  ** در بیابان خورده‌ام من برگ رز 
  • During seven years, (inspired) by the ardour of Love that cooks the body, I have eaten (nothing but) vine-leaves in the wilderness,
  • تا ز برگ خشک و تازه خوردنم  ** سبز گشته بود این رنگ تنم  2760
  • So that, from my eating withered and fresh leaves, this bodily colour of mine had turned green.”
  • تا تو باشی در حجاب بوالبشر  ** سرسری در عاشقان کمتر نگر 
  • So long as thou art in the veil of the Father of mankind (Adam), do not look slightingly on the lovers (of God).
  • زیرکان که مویها بشکافتند  ** علم هیات را به جان دریافتند 
  • The acute men who have split hairs (in profound investigation) and with (all) their soul have (studied and) apprehended the science of astronomy,
  • علم نارنجات و سحر و فلسفه  ** گرچه نشناسند حق المعرفه 
  • And the sciences of sorcery and magic and (natural) philosophy, and, though they do not know (these sciences) with real knowledge,
  • لیک کوشیدند تا امکان خود  ** بر گذشتند از همه اقران خود 
  • Yet have endeavoured (to know them) as far as they possibly can, and have surpassed all their rivals—