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  • دست زیر بوریا کن ای سند  ** از برای روی‌پوش چشم بد 
  • Put thy hand beneath the mat, O trusted man, in order to blindfold (deceive) the evil eye.
  • پس ز زیر بوریا پر کن تو مشت  ** ده به دست سایل بشکسته پشت 
  • Fill thy fist, therefore, from beneath the mat and give (the money) into the hand of the beggar whose back is broken (by poverty).
  • بعد ازین از اجر ناممنون بده  ** هر که خواهد گوهر مکنون بده 
  • Henceforth give from the wage that is not grudged: give the hidden pearl to every one who desires (it).
  • رو ید الله فوق ایدیهم تو باش  ** هم‌چو دست حق گزافی رزق پاش  2795
  • Go, be thou (what is signified by) the Hand of God is above their hands: do thou, like the Hand of God, scatter the daily bread recklessly.
  • وام داران را ز عهده وا رهان  ** هم‌چو باران سبز کن فرش جهان 
  • Release those in debt from their responsibility: like rain, make the carpet of the world green.”
  • بود یک سال دگر کارش همین  ** که بدادی زر ز کیسه‌ی رب دین 
  • During another year this was his work, that he was always giving gold from the purse of the Lord of the Judgement.
  • زر شدی خاک سیه اندر کفش  ** حاتم طایی گدایی در صفش 
  • The black earth turned into gold in his hand: beside him Hátim of (the tribe) Tayyi’ was a beggar.
  • دانستن شیخ ضمیر سایل را بی گفتن و دانستن قدر وام وام‌داران بی گفتن کی نشان آن باشد کی اخرج به صفاتی الی خلقی 
  • How the Shaykh knew the unspoken thoughts of those who begged of him and the sums owed by the debtors without their telling him, which is a sign of (his being endowed with Divine attributes, in accordance with the command), “Go forth with My attributes unto My creatures.”
  • حاجت خود گر نگفتی آن فقیر  ** او بدادی و بدانستی ضمیر 
  • If a dervish said nothing about his need, he (the Shaykh) would give (what he required) and would know his secret thought;
  • آنچ در دل داشتی آن پشت‌خم  ** قدر آن دادی بدو نه بیش و کم  2800
  • He would give that bent-backed one the amount that he had in mind, neither more nor less.