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  • اندرو جز عشق یزدان کار نیست  ** جز خیال وصل او دیار نیست 
  • There is no work (being done) in it except love of God: there is no inhabitant except the idea of union with Him.
  • خانه را من روفتم از نیک و بد  ** خانه‌ام پرست از عشق احد 
  • I have swept the house clean of good and evil: my house is filled with love of the One.
  • هرچه بینم اندرو غیر خدا  ** آن من نبود بود عکس گدا  2805
  • When I see in it anything other than God, (I know that) it (the thing seen) is not mine but is reflected from the beggar (who is with me at the moment).”
  • گر در آبی نخل یا عرجون نمود  ** جز ز عکس نخله‌ی بیرون نبود 
  • If a date-palm or a raceme of dates has appeared in a piece of water, it is only the reflexion from the tree outside.
  • در تگ آب ار ببینی صورتی  ** عکس بیرون باشد آن نقش ای فتی 
  • If you see a form (of something) at the bottom of the water, that image is reflected from outside, O youth;
  • لیک تا آب از قذی خالی شدن  ** تنقیه شرطست در جوی بدن 
  • But it is necessary to cleanse the canal, (which is) the body, until the water is cleared of scum,
  • تا نماند تیرگی و خس درو  ** تا امین گردد نماید عکس رو 
  • In order that no obscurity and rubbish may remain therein and that it may become trustworthy and that the reflexion of the (inward) aspect (of everything) may appear (in it).
  • جز گلابه در تنت کو ای مقل  ** آب صافی کن ز گل ای خصم دل  2810
  • Where in your body is aught but muddy water, O you who are (spiritually) destitute? Make the water pure (and free) from mud, O enemy of the heart.
  • تو بر آنی هر دمی کز خواب و خور  ** خاک ریزی اندرین جو بیشتر 
  • By (indulgence in) sleeping and eating and drinking you are ever intent on pouring into this canal more (and more) earth.
  • سبب دانستن ضمیرهای خلق 
  • The means of knowing people's hidden thoughts.
  • چون دل آن آب زینها خالیست  ** عکس روها از برون در آب جست 
  • (Only) when the heart of that water is void of these (defilements), does the reflexion of the (inward) aspects (of all things) dart into the water.