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  • جمله ناخوش از مجاعت خوش شدست  ** جمله خوشها بی‌مجاعتها ردست 
  • Everything unsweet is made sweet by hunger: without hunger all sweet things are unacceptable.
  • مثل 
  • Parable.
  • آن یکی می‌خورد نان فخفره  ** گفت سایل چون بدین استت شره 
  • A certain person was eating bread made of bran: some one asked him, “How are you so fond of this?”
  • گفت جوع از صبر چون دوتا شود  ** نان جو در پیش من حلوا شود  2835
  • He replied, “When hunger is doubled by self-denial, barley bread is (as sweet as) halwá in my opinion;
  • پس توانم که همه حلوا خورم  ** چون کنم صبری صبورم لاجرم 
  • Therefore when I deny myself once, I can eat halwá entirely, (so) of course I am very self-denying (abstinent).”
  • خود نباشد جوع هر کس را زبون  ** کین علف‌زاریست ز اندازه برون 
  • Hunger, in truth, is not conquered by every one, for this (world) is a place where fodder is abundant beyond measure.
  • جوع مر خاصان حق را داده‌اند  ** تا شوند از جوع شیر زورمند 
  • Hunger is bestowed as a gift on God's elect (alone), that through hunger they may become puissant lions.
  • جوع هر جلف گدا را کی دهند  ** چون علف کم نیست پیش او نهند 
  • How should hunger be bestowed on every beggarly churl? Since the fodder is not scarce they set it before him,
  • که بخور که هم بدین ارزانیی  ** تو نه‌ای مرغاب مرغ نانیی  2840
  • Saying, “Eat! This is all thou art worth: thou art not a waterfowl, thou art a bread-fowl.”
  • حکایت مریدی کی شیخ از حرص و ضمیر او واقف شد او را نصیحت کرد به زبان و در ضمن نصیحت قوت توکل بخشیدش به امر حق 
  • Story of the disciple of whose greediness and secret thoughts his Shaykh became aware. He admonished him with his tongue and in the course of his admonition bestowed on him, by Divine command, the food of trust in God.
  • شیخ می‌شد با مریدی بی‌درنگ  ** سوی شهری نان بدانجا بود تنگ 
  • The Shaykh, accompanied by a disciple, was going without delay towards a certain town where bread was scarce,
  • ترس جوع و قحط در فکر مرید  ** هر دمی می‌گشت از غفلت پدید 
  • And the dread of hunger and famine was continually presenting itself to the disciple's mind on account of his heedlessness.