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  • این تب لرزه ز خوف جوع چیست  ** در توکل سیر می‌تانند زیست 
  • What is this feverish trembling for fear of hunger? In (possession of) trust in God one can live full-fed.
  • حکایت آن گاو کی تنها در جزیره ایست بزرگ حق تعالی آن جزیره‌ی بزرگ را پر کند از نبات و ریاحین کی علف گاو باشد تا به شب آن گاو همه را بخورد و فربه شود چون کوه پاره‌ای چون شب شود خوابش نبرد از غصه و خوف کی همه صحرا را چریدم فردا چه خورم تا ازین غصه لاغر شود هم‌چون خلال روز برخیزد همه صحرا را سبزتر و انبوه‌تر بیند از دی باز بخورد و فربه شود باز شبش همان غم بگیرد سالهاست کی او هم‌چنین می‌بیند و اعتماد نمی‌کند 
  • Story of the cow that is alone in a great island. God most High fills the great island with plants and sweet herbs which are cows' fodder, and the cow feeds on all that (vegetation) till nightfall and grows fat (and big) as a mountain-crag. When night comes, she cannot sleep for anxiety and fear, (for she thinks), “I have fed on the whole field: what shall I eat to-morrow?” So in consequence of this anxiety she becomes thin like a toothpick. At daybreak she sees the whole field is greener and richer than it was yesterday, and again she eats and grows fat. Then again at nightfall the same anxiety seizes her. For years she has been experiencing the like of this, and (yet) she puts no confidence (in the Provider).
  • یک جزیره‌ی سبز هست اندر جهان  ** اندرو گاویست تنها خوش‌دهان  2855
  • There is in the world a green island where a sweet-mouthed cow lives alone.
  • جمله صحرا را چرد او تا به شب  ** تا شود زفت و عظیم و منتجب 
  • She feeds on the whole field till nightfall, so that she grows stout and big and choice.
  • شب ز اندیشه که فردا چه خورم  ** گردد او چون تار مو لاغر ز غم 
  • During the night she becomes thin as a hair from anxiety, because she thinks, “What shall I eat to-morrow?”
  • چون برآید صبح گردد سبز دشت  ** تا میان رسته قصیل سبز و کشت 
  • At rise of dawn the field becomes green: the green blades and grain have grown up to (a man's) middle.
  • اندر افتد گاو با جوع البقر  ** تا به شب آن را چرد او سر به سر 
  • The cow falls to ravenously: till night she feeds on that (vegetation and devours it) entirely.
  • باز زفت و فربه و لمتر شود  ** آن تنش از پیه و قوت پر شود  2860
  • Again she becomes stout and fat and bulky: her body is filled with fat and strength.
  • باز شب اندر تب افتد از فزع  ** تا شود لاغر ز خوف منتجع 
  • Then again at night she (is stricken) by panic (and) falls into a fever (of anxiety), so that from fear of seeking (vainly) for fodder she becomes lean,
  • که چه خواهم خورد فردا وقت خور  ** سالها اینست کار آن بقر 
  • Thinking, “What shall I eat to-morrow at meal-time?” This is what that cow does for (many) years.
  • هیچ نندیشد که چندین سال من  ** می‌خورم زین سبزه‌زار و زین چمن 
  • She never thinks, “All these years I have been eating from this meadow and this pasture;