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  • اندر افتد گاو با جوع البقر  ** تا به شب آن را چرد او سر به سر 
  • The cow falls to ravenously: till night she feeds on that (vegetation and devours it) entirely.
  • باز زفت و فربه و لمتر شود  ** آن تنش از پیه و قوت پر شود  2860
  • Again she becomes stout and fat and bulky: her body is filled with fat and strength.
  • باز شب اندر تب افتد از فزع  ** تا شود لاغر ز خوف منتجع 
  • Then again at night she (is stricken) by panic (and) falls into a fever (of anxiety), so that from fear of seeking (vainly) for fodder she becomes lean,
  • که چه خواهم خورد فردا وقت خور  ** سالها اینست کار آن بقر 
  • Thinking, “What shall I eat to-morrow at meal-time?” This is what that cow does for (many) years.
  • هیچ نندیشد که چندین سال من  ** می‌خورم زین سبزه‌زار و زین چمن 
  • She never thinks, “All these years I have been eating from this meadow and this pasture;
  • هیچ روزی کم نیامد روزیم  ** چیست این ترس و غم و دلسوزیم 
  • My provender has never failed (even) for a day: what, (then), is this fear and anguish and heart-burning of mine?”
  • باز چون شب می‌شود آن گاو زفت  ** می‌شود لاغر که آوه رزق رفت  2865
  • (No); when night falls that stout cow becomes lean again, thinking, “Alas, the provender is gone.”
  • نفس آن گاوست و آن دشت این جهان  ** کو همی لاغر شود از خوف نان 
  • The cow is the carnal soul, and the field is this world, where she (the carnal soul) is made lean by fear for her daily bread,
  • که چه خواهم خورد مستقبل عجب  ** لوت فردا از کجا سازم طلب 
  • Thinking, “I wonder what I shall eat in the future: whence shall I seek food for to-morrow?”
  • سالها خوردی و کم نامد ز خور  ** ترک مستقبل کن و ماضی نگر 
  • Thou hast eaten for years, and food has never failed: leave the future and look at the past.