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  • او زبون شد جرم این کرباس چیست  ** آنک او مغلوب غالب نیست کیست  2925
  • (Since) he (the owner of the cloth) is reduced to submission, what is the crime of this linen? Who is he that is not dominated by the predominant?
  • چون کسی بی‌خواست او بر وی براند  ** خاربن در ملک و خانه‌ی او نشاند 
  • When some one has forced his way in against his (the householder's) will and planted a thornbush in his property and house,
  • صاحب خانه بدین خواری بود  ** که چنین بر وی خلاقت می‌رود 
  • The master of the house is humiliated because such a shabbiness (abasement) is inflicted on him.
  • هم خلق گردم من ار تازه و نوم  ** چونک یار این چنین خواری شوم 
  • I too, though I am fresh and new, would become shabby (abased) through being associated with such a contemptible person.
  • چونک خواه نفس آمد مستعان  ** تسخر آمد ایش شاء الله کان 
  • Since the will of the carnal soul is besought for help, ’tis mockery (to say) that whatever God wills shall come to pass.
  • من اگر ننگ مغان یا کافرم  ** آن نیم که بر خدا این ظن برم  2930
  • (Even) if I am a disgrace to the Magians or am an infidel, I am not such (a miscreant) as to think this of God,
  • که کسی ناخواه او و رغم او  ** گردد اندر ملکت او حکم جو 
  • That any one should seek to exercise authority in His kingdom against His will and in spite of Him,
  • ملکت او را فرو گیرد چنین  ** که نیارد دم زدن دم آفرین 
  • And thus should occupy His kingdom, so that the Creator of the breath dare not breathe a word (in opposition),
  • دفع او می‌خواهد و می‌بایدش  ** دیو هر دم غصه می‌افزایدش 
  • (And that though) He wishes to repel him and must needs (do so), (yet) the Devil at every moment is increasing His anxiety.