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  • پس بدین داور جهان منظوم شد  ** حال آن عالم همت معلوم شد 
  • (Clearly), then, the (present) world is arranged according to this rule, and the state of things in yonder world too is made known to you.
  • حکایت هم در جواب جبری و اثبات اختیار و صحت امر و نهی و بیان آنک عذر جبری در هیچ ملتی و در هیچ دینی مقبول نیست و موجب خلاص نیست از سزای آن کار کی کرده است چنانک خلاص نیافت ابلیس جبری بدان کی گفت بما اغویتنی والقلیل یدل علی الکثیر 
  • Another Story in answer to the Necessitarian, confirming (Man's) power of choice and the validity of the (Divine) commands and prohibitions, and showing that the Necessitarian's excuse is not accepted in any religious sect or in any religion and that it does not save him from being duly punished for the (sinful) actions which he has committed, just as the Necessitarian Iblís was not saved (from punishment) by saying (to God), ‘Because Thou hast made me to err.’ And the little indicates the much.
  • آن یکی می‌رفت بالای درخت  ** می‌فشاند آن میوه را دزدانه سخت 
  • A certain man was climbing up a tree and vigorously scattering the fruit in the manner of thieves.
  • صاحب باغ آمد و گفت ای دنی  ** از خدا شرمیت کو چه می‌کنی 
  • The owner of the orchard came along and said (to him), ‘O rascal, where is your reverence for God? What are you doing?’
  • گفت از باغ خدا بنده‌ی خدا  ** گر خورد خرما که حق کردش عطا 
  • He replied, ‘If a servant of God eat from God's orchard the dates which God has bestowed upon him as a gift,
  • عامیانه چه ملامت می‌کنی  ** بخل بر خوان خداوند غنی  3080
  • Why do you vulgarly blame (him)? Stinginess at the table of the all-Rich Lord!’
  • گفت ای ایبک بیاور آن رسن  ** تا بگویم من جواب بوالحسن 
  • ‘O Aybak,’ said he, ‘fetch that rope, that I may give my answer to Bu ’l-Hasan (to this fine fellow).’
  • پس ببستش سخت آن دم بر درخت  ** می‌زد او بر پشت و ساقش چوب سخت 
  • Then at once he bound him tightly to the tree and thrashed him hard on the back and legs with a cudgel.
  • گفت آخر از خدا شرمی بدار  ** می‌کشی این بی‌گنه را زار زار 
  • He (the thief) cried, ‘Pray, have some reverence for God! Thou art killing me miserably who am innocent.’
  • گفت از چوب خدا این بنده‌اش  ** می‌زند بر پشت دیگر بنده خوش 
  • He answered, ‘With God's cudgel this servant of His is soundly beating the back of another servant.
  • چوب حق و پشت و پهلو آن او  ** من غلام و آلت فرمان او  3085
  • ’Tis God's cudgel, and the back and sides belong to Him: I am (only) the slave and instrument of His command.’