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  • آنک می‌لرزد ز بیم رد او  ** وانک طعنه می‌زند در جد او 
  • Between him who trembles in fear of his (the king's) disapproval and him who intrigues against his fortune (empire)—
  • فرق نبود هر دو یک باشد برش  ** شاه نبود خاک تیره بر سرش 
  • (So that) there is no difference, but both of them are one to him: he is not a king, may dark earth be on his head!
  • ذره‌ای گر جهد تو افزون بود  ** در ترازوی خدا موزون بود  3145
  • If your (devotional) labour exceed (that of another) by a single mote, it (that mote) will be weighed in God's balance.
  • پیش این شاهان هماره جان کنی  ** بی‌خبر ایشان ز غدر و روشنی 
  • You continually work yourself to death in the service of these (worldly) kings, (yet) they are ignorant of (the difference between) treachery and honesty.
  • گفت غمازی که بد گوید ترا  ** ضایع آرد خدمتت را سالها 
  • The words of a tale-bearer who speaks ill of you will cause your service (rendered) during (many) years to be wasted;
  • پیش شاهی که سمیعست و بصیر  ** گفت غمازان نباشد جای‌گیر 
  • (But) the words of tale-bearers do not take their abode in the presence of the King who is hearing and seeing.
  • جمله غمازان ازو آیس شوند  ** سوی ما آیند و افزایند پند 
  • All the tale-bearers are reduced to despair by Him: they come to us and increase (our) bondage.
  • بس جفا گویند شه را پیش ما  ** که برو جف القلم کم کن وفا  3150
  • They speak much abuse of the King before us, saying, ‘Go! The Pen has dried (after writing your destiny). (Therefore) do not keep faith (with Him).’
  • معنی جف القلم کی آن بود  ** که جفاها با وفا یکسان بود 
  • How should the meaning of ‘the Pen has dried’ be (this), that acts of perfidy and acts of faithfulness are alike?
  • بل جفا را هم جفا جف القلم  ** وآن وفا را هم وفا جف القلم 
  • Nay, perfidy (in return) for acts of perfidy: the Pen has dried (on that); and faithfulness (in return) for those acts of faithfulness: the Pen has dried (on that).