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  • دزد را گر عفو باشد جان برد  ** کی وزیر و خازن مخزن شود 
  • If a robber be pardoned, he saves his life, (but) how should he become a vizier and keeper of the treasury?
  • ای امین الدین ربانی بیا  ** کز امانت رست هر تاج و لوا  3155
  • Come, O godly Amínu’ddín, for every tiara and ensign has grown from trustworthiness (amánat).
  • پور سلطان گر برو خاین شود  ** آن سرش از تن بدان باین شود 
  • If the Sultan's son become a traitor to him, on that account his head will be severed from his body;
  • وز غلامی هندوی آرد وفا  ** دولت او را می‌زند طال بقا 
  • And if a Hindú slave show faithfulness, sovereignty will applaud him (and cry), ‘Long may he live!’
  • چه غلام ار بر دری سگ باوفاست  ** در دل سالار او را صد رضاست 
  • What of a slave? If a dog is faithful (in keeping watch) at a door, there are a hundred feelings of satisfaction with him in the heart of the master (of the house).
  • زین چو سگ را بوسه بر پوزش دهد  ** گر بود شیری چه پیروزش کند 
  • Since, because of this (faithfulness), he kisses the mouth of a dog, if he (the faithful one) be a lion, how triumphant he will make him!
  • جز مگر دزدی که خدمتها کند  ** صدق او بیخ جفا را بر کند  3160
  • (Robbers get nothing but pardon), except, to be sure, the robber who performs acts of service (to God) and whose sincerity uproots his (former) perfidy,
  • چون فضیل ره‌زنی کو راست باخت  ** زانک ده مرده به سوی توبه تاخت 
  • Like Fudayl, the brigand who played straight, because he ran with the strength of ten men towards repentance;
  • وآنچنان که ساحران فرعون را  ** رو سیه کردند از صبر و وفا 
  • And as the magicians (who) blackened the face of Pharaoh by their fortitude and faithfulness.
  • دست و پا دادند در جرم قود  ** آن به صد ساله عبادت کی شود 
  • They gave their hands and feet (to be cut off as a penalty) for the crime that entailed retaliation: how should that (degree of faithfulness) be attained by means of a hundred years' devotional service?