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  • چونک بحر عشق یزدان جوش زد  ** بر دل او زد ترا بر گوش زد 
  • When the sea of Divine Love surged up, it struck upon his heart; it struck (only) upon your ear.
  • حکایت جوحی کی چادر پوشید و در وعظ میان زنان نشست و حرکتی کرد زنی او را بشناخت کی مردست نعره‌ای زد 
  • Story of Júhí, who put on a chádar, went to hear the sermon, seated himself amongst the women, and behaved in such a way that a certain woman knew he was a man and screamed.
  • واعظی بد بس گزیده در بیان  ** زیر منبر جمع مردان و زنان  3325
  • There was a preacher, very fine in his exposition, under whose pulpit a great number of men and women were assembled.
  • رفت جوحی چادر و روبند ساخت  ** در میان آن زنان شد ناشناخت 
  • Júhí went (to hear him): he got a chádar and veil and entered amongst the women without (his sex) being recognised.
  • سایلی پرسید واعظ را به راز  ** موی عانه هست نقصان نماز 
  • Someone asked the preacher secretly num pili in pube precibus sollennibus detrimentum faciant. [Some one asked the preacher secretly, “Are pubic hairs a deficiency in (doing) the ritual prayer?”]
  • گفت واعظ چون شود عانه دراز  ** پس کراهت باشد از وی در نماز 
  • The preacher replied, “Quo tempore pili in pube longi fiunt, tum noxa est ob illos in precibus sollennibus. [The preacher replied, “When the pubic hair becomes long, then there is (legal) dislike of it in the ritual prayer.]
  • یا به آهک یا ستره بسترش  ** تا نمازت کامل آید خوب و خوش 
  • Vel psilothro vel novacula illos tonde, in order that your ritual prayer may be perfect and excellent and seemly.” [Scrape (it off) with a depilatory (of lime) or a razor, in order that your ritual prayer may be perfect and excellent and seemly.”]
  • گفت سایل آن درازی تا چه حد  ** شرط باشد تا نمازم کم بود  3330
  • The questioner said, “Ad quem modum pervenire oportet eorum longitudinem ut preces meae detrimentum capiant?” [The questioner said, “To what limit is the length stipulated, so that my ritual prayer is deficient?”]
  • گفت چون قدر جوی گردد به طول  ** پس ستردن فرض باشد ای سول 
  • He replied, “Cum longitudine tanti evaserint quantum hordei unum granum, relligio est ut tondeas, O multa rogitans.” [He replied, “When it becomes the size of a barley seed in length, then shaving is a (religious) requirement, O (excessive) questioner.”]
  • گفت جوحی زود ای خوهر ببین  ** عانه‌ی من گشته باشد این چنین 
  • At once Júhí said (to the woman beside him), “O soror, inspice piline in pube mea hujusmodi facti sint. [At once Júhí said (to the woman beside him), “O sister, find out (if) my pubic hair has become (a length) such as this.]
  • بهر خشنودی حق پیش آر دست  ** که آن به مقدار کراهت آمدست 
  • Deo ut placeas, manum affer, (tenta) num illi usque ad modum noxae pervenerint.” [In order to satisfy (the requirement of) God, bring forth (your) hand (to determine) whether it has reached to the disliked amount.”]