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  • عشق او ز آورد ایمان بفسرد  ** چون به ایمان شما او بنگرد 
  • When he looks upon your Faith, his love is chilled (and shrinks) from professing it.”
  • حکایت آن مذن زشت آواز کی در کافرستان بانگ نماز داد و مرد کافری او را هدیه داد 
  • Story of the harsh-voiced muezzin who called (the Moslems) to prayer in the land of the infidels and to whom a certain infidel offered presents.
  • یک مذن داشت بس آواز بد  ** در میان کافرستان بانگ زد 
  • A certain muezzin had a very harsh voice: he called (the Moslems to prayer) in the land of the infidels.
  • چند گفتندش مگو بانگ نماز  ** که شود جنگ و عداوتها دراز 
  • They said to him several times, “Do not give the call to prayer, for (otherwise) fighting and acts of hostility (against us) will be prolonged.”
  • او ستیزه کرد و پس بی‌احتراز  ** گفت در کافرستان بانگ نماز 
  • He defied (them), and then without showing (any) caution he gave the call to prayer in the land of the infidels.
  • خلق خایف شد ز فتنه‌ی عامه‌ای  ** خود بیامد کافری با جامه‌ای  3370
  • The (Moslem) folk were in fear of a general insurrection; however, an infidel came up (to them) with a robe.
  • شمع و حلوا با چنان جامه‌ی لطیف  ** هدیه آورد و بیامد چون الیف 
  • He brought (with him) candles and halwá and such a (fine) robe as gifts, and approached in a friendly manner,
  • پرس پرسان کین مذن کو کجاست  ** که صلا و بانگ او راحت‌فزاست 
  • Asking again and again, “Tell me, where is this muezzin, whose call and cry increases my pleasure?”
  • هین چه راحت بود زان آواز زشت  ** گفت که آوازش فتاد اندر کنشت 
  • “Eh, what pleasure was there from such a harsh voice?” He replied, “His voice penetrated into the church.
  • دختری دارم لطیف و بس سنی  ** آرزو می‌بود او را ممنی 
  • I have a comely daughter of very high estate: she was desiring (to marry) a true believer.
  • هیچ این سودا نمی‌رفت از سرش  ** پندها می‌داد چندین کافرش  3375
  • Never would this passion go out of her head, (though) so many infidels were exhorting her.