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  • آنک ایمان یافت رفت اندر امان  ** کفرهای باقیان شد دو گمان 
  • He that received the Faith entered into security; the infidelities of the rest became (a matter on which there were) two opinions.
  • کفر صرف اولین باری نماند  ** یا مسلمانی و یا بیمی نشاند 
  • At any rate, their first pure (entire) unbelief did not remain (with them): it (the star of Mohammed) planted (in them) either (formal acceptance of) Islam or a (great) dread (of it).
  • این به حیله آب و روغن کردنیست  ** این مثلها کفو ذره‌ی نور نیست  3400
  • This (description of the Faith of Báyazíd) is a (mere) makeshift varnishing: these similes are not equivalent to the mote of (Divine light).
  • ذره نبود جز حقیری منجسم  ** ذره نبود شارق لا ینقسم 
  • A mote is only a paltry bodily thing: a mote is not the indivisible Sun.
  • گفتن ذره مرادی دان خفی  ** محرم دریا نه‌ای این دم کفی 
  • Know that (my) calling it (the Sun) a mote has a purpose hidden (from thee, for) thou art not familiar with the Sea: at present thou art (but) the foam.
  • آفتاب نیر ایمان شیخ  ** گر نماید رخ ز شرق جان شیخ 
  • If the luminous sun of the Shaykh's Faith should display itself from the Orient of the Shaykh's spirit,
  • جمله پستی گنج گیرد تا ثری  ** جمله بالا خلد گیرد اخضری 
  • All below, down to the moist clay (beneath the earth's crust), would gain (abundant) treasure, and all above would gain a verdant Paradise.
  • او یکی جان دارد از نور منیر  ** او یکی تن دارد از خاک حقیر  3405
  • He hath a spirit of resplendent light, he hath a body of despicable earth.
  • ای عجب اینست او یا آن بگو  ** که بماندم اندرین مشکل عمو 
  • Oh, I wonder whether he is this or that. Tell (me), uncle, for I am left (helpless) in this difficulty.
  • گر وی اینست ای برادر چیست آن  ** پر شده از نور او هفت آسمان 
  • O brother, if he is this, (then) what is that?—for the Seven Heavens are filled with its light—