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  • تا چه باشد هوش تو هنگام سکر  ** ای چو مرغی گشته صید دام سکر 
  • Consider, (then), what your intelligence will be at the time when you are intoxicated, O you who like a bird have fallen a prey to the snare of intoxication.
  • حکایت ضیاء دلق کی سخت دراز بود و برادرش شیخ اسلام تاج بلخ به غایت کوتاه بالا بود و این شیخ اسلام از برادرش ضیا ننگ داشتی ضیا در آمد به درس او و همه صدور بلخ حاضر به درس او ضیا خدمتی کرد و بگذشت شیخ اسلام او را نیم قیامی کرد سرسری گفت آری سخت درازی پاره‌ای در دزد 
  • Story of Ziyá-yi Dalq, who was very tall, while his brother, the Shaykh of Islam Táj of Balkh, was exceedingly short; and this Shaykh of Islam was ashamed of his brother Ziyá. (One day) Ziyá came to (hear) his brother's lecture, at which all the leading men of Balkh were present. Ziyá made a bow (to his brother) and passed on. The Shaykh of Islam half rose (from his seat) in a negligent manner, (whereupon) he (Ziyá) said, “Yes, you are very tall: take a bit off (your height)!”
  • آن ضیاء دلق خوش الهام بود  ** دادر آن تاج شیخ اسلام بود 
  • Ziyá-yi Dalq was a man of goodly inspiration: he was the brother of Táj, the Shaykh of Islam.
  • تاج شیخ اسلام دار الملک بلخ  ** بود کوته‌قد و کوچک هم‌چو فرخ 
  • Táj, the Shaykhu ’l-Islám of the imperial city of Balkh, was short of stature and small as a chick.
  • گرچه فاضل بود و فحل و ذو فنون  ** این ضیا اندر ظرافت بد فزون 
  • Though he was learned and eminent and accomplished, (his brother) this Ziyá was superior in wit.
  • او بسی کوته ضیا بی‌حد دراز  ** بود شیخ اسلام را صد کبر و ناز  3475
  • He (Táj) was very short, while Ziyá was tall beyond measure: the Shaykh of Islam had a hundred arrogances and haughty airs.
  • زین برادر عار و ننگش آمدی  ** آن ضیا هم واعظی بد با هدی 
  • He felt ashamed of this brother and disgraced (by him); yet Ziyá was a preacher in the way of salvation.
  • روز محفل اندر آمد آن ضیا  ** بارگه پر قاضیان و اصفیا 
  • On the day of congregation Ziyá came in: the hall was filled with cadis and men distinguished (for piety).
  • کرد شیخ اسلام از کبر تمام  ** این برادر را چنین نصف القیام 
  • In his complete arrogance the Shaykh of Islam (only) half rose (from his seat), in such a (careless) fashion, to (salute) his brother.
  • گفت او را بس درازی بهر مزد  ** اندکی زان قد سروت هم بدزد 
  • He (Ziyá) said to him, “Thou art very tall: take a little off thy cypress-like stature in order to gain the (Divine) reward.”
  • پس ترا خود هوش کو یا عقل کو  ** تا خوری می ای تو دانش را عدو  3480
  • (The ascetic said), “How, then, have you the intelligence, how have you the (necessary) understanding to drink wine, O enemy of knowledge?