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  • در چنین راه بیابان مخوف  ** این قلاوز خرد با صد کسوف 
  • In this Way across the terrible wilderness the guide, Reason, suffers a hundred eclipses.
  • خاک در چشم قلاوزان زنی  ** کاروان را هالک و گمره کنی 
  • (If) you throw dust in the eyes of the guides, you will cause the caravan to perish and lose the way.
  • نان جو حقا حرامست و فسوس  ** نفس را در پیش نه نان سبوس 
  • In sooth, barley bread is unlawful and injurious to the carnal soul: set (only) bread made of bran before it.
  • دشمن راه خدا را خوار دار  ** دزد را منبر منه بر دار دار 
  • Keep in abject submission the enemy on the Way to God: do not place a pulpit for the robber, (but) keep him on the gibbet.
  • دزد را تو دست ببریدن پسند  ** از بریدن عاجزی دستش ببند  3490
  • Deem the amputation of the robber's hand desirable: if you are unable to cut his hand off, bind it.
  • گر نبندی دست او دست تو بست  ** گر تو پایش نشکنی پایت شکست 
  • Unless you bind his hand, he will bind yours; unless you break his leg, he will break yours.
  • تو عدو را می دهی و نی‌شکر  ** بهر چه گو زهر خند و خاک خور 
  • You give the enemy wine and sugar-cane—for what reason? Bid him laugh venomously and eat earth.”
  • زد ز غیرت بر سبو سنگ و شکست  ** او سبو انداخت و از زاهد بجست 
  • In his indignation he (the ascetic) hurled a stone at the jug and broke it: he (the slave) let the jug fall and sprang away from the ascetic.
  • رفت پیش میر و گفتش باده کو  ** ماجرا را گفت یک یک پیش او 
  • He went to the Amír, who said to him, “Where is the wine?” He (the slave) related in his presence all that had happened, point by point.
  • رفتن امیر خشم‌آلود برای گوشمال زاهد 
  • How the enraged Amír set out to punish the ascetic.
  • میر چون آتش شد و برجست راست  ** گفت بنما خانه‌ی زاهد کجاست  3495
  • The Amír became like fire and jumped straight up. “Show me,” he cried, “where the ascetic's house is,