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  • رفت پیش میر و گفتش باده کو  ** ماجرا را گفت یک یک پیش او 
  • He went to the Amír, who said to him, “Where is the wine?” He (the slave) related in his presence all that had happened, point by point.
  • رفتن امیر خشم‌آلود برای گوشمال زاهد 
  • How the enraged Amír set out to punish the ascetic.
  • میر چون آتش شد و برجست راست  ** گفت بنما خانه‌ی زاهد کجاست  3495
  • The Amír became like fire and jumped straight up. “Show me,” he cried, “where the ascetic's house is,
  • تا بدین گرز گران کوبم سرش  ** آن سر بی‌دانش مادرغرش 
  • That I may pound his head with this heavy club—his ignorant whoreson head.
  • او چه داند امر معروف از سگی  ** طالب معروفی است و شهرگی 
  • What should he know about enjoining (others) to do right? He is currishly seeking notoriety and fame,
  • تا بدین سالوس خود را جا کند  ** تا به چیزی خویشتن پیدا کند 
  • In order that by means of this hypocrisy he may make a position for himself and somehow make himself conspicuous;
  • کو ندارد خود هنر الا همان  ** که تسلس می‌کند با این و آن 
  • For in truth he has no talent save this alone, that he plays the hypocrite to all and sundry.
  • او اگر دیوانه است و فتنه‌کاو  ** داروی دیوانه باشد کیر گاو  3500
  • If he is mad and bent on mischief, the cure for a madman is an ox-hide whip, [If he is mad and bent on mischief, the cure for a madman is a whip (made from) an ox’s penis,]
  • تا که شیطان از سرش بیرون رود  ** بی‌لت خربندگان خر چون رود 
  • So that the devil may go forth from his head: how should an ass go (forward) without the ass-drivers' blows?”
  • میر بیرون جست دبوسی بدست  ** نیم شب آمد به زاهد نیم‌مست 
  • The Amír dashed out, with a mace in his hand: at midnight he came, half intoxicated, to the ascetic.
  • خواست کشتن مرد زاهد را ز خشم  ** مرد زاهد گشت پنهان زیر پشم 
  • In his rage he wished to kill the ascetic, (but) the ascetic hid beneath (some) wool.