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  • روی باید آینه‌وار آهنین  ** تات گوید روی زشت خود ببین 
  • It needs a steel face, like a mirror, to say to thee, ‘Behold thy ugly face.’”
  • حکایت مات کردن دلقک سید شاه ترمد را 
  • Story of Dalqak's checkmating the Sayyid, the Sháh of Tirmid.
  • شاه با دلقک همی شطرنج باخت  ** مات کردش زود خشم شه بتاخت 
  • The Sháh was playing chess with Dalqak: he (Dalqak) checkmated him: immediately the Sháh's anger burst out.
  • گفت شه شه و آن شه کبرآورش  ** یک یک از شطرنج می‌زد بر سرش 
  • He (Dalqak) cried, “Checkmate, checkmate!” and the haughty monarch threw the chessmen, one by one, at his head,
  • که بگیر اینک شهت ای قلتبان  ** صبر کرد آن دلقک و گفت الامان 
  • Saying, “Take (it)! Here is ‘checkmate’ for you, O scoundrel.” Dalqak restrained himself and (only) said, “Mercy!”
  • دست دیگر باختن فرمود میر  ** او چنان لرزان که عور از زمهریر  3510
  • The Prince commanded him to play a second game: he (Dalqak) was trembling like a naked man in bitter cold.
  • باخت دست دیگر و شه مات شد  ** وقت شه شه گفتن و میقات شد 
  • He played the second game, and the Sháh was defeated: (when) the time and moment for saying “checkmate, checkmate” arrived,
  • بر جهید آن دلقک و در کنج رفت  ** شش نمد بر خود فکند از بیم تفت 
  • Dalqak jumped up and ran into a corner and in his fear hastily flung six rugs over himself.
  • زیر بالشها و زیر شش نمد  ** خفت پنهان تا ز زخم شه رهد 
  • (There) he lay hidden beneath (several) cushions and six rugs, that he might escape from the Sháh's blows.
  • گفت شه هی هی چه کردی چیست این  ** گفت شه شه شه شه ای شاه گزین 
  • The Sháh exclaimed, “Hi, hi! what have you done? What is this?” He replied, “Checkmate, checkmate, checkmate, checkmate, O excellent Sháh!
  • کی توان حق گفت جز زیر لحاف  ** با تو ای خشم‌آور آتش‌سجاف  3515
  • How can one tell the truth to thee except under cover, O wrathful man who art wrapped in fire,