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  • یا نبود آن کار او را خود گهر  ** یا نیامد وقت پاداش از قدر 
  • Either the essential thing was not in his work at all, or by (Divine) decree the hour for the reward has not yet arrived.
  • یا که بود آن سعی چون سعی جهود  ** یا جزا وابسته‌ی میقات بود 
  • Either his labour has been like the labour of the Jews, or the recompense has been connected with (deferred till) the appointed season.
  • مر ورا درد و مصیبت این بس است  ** که درین وادی پر خون بی‌کس است 
  • For him ’tis sorrow and misfortune enough that he is without any one (to succour him) in this vale full of blood.
  • چشم پر درد و نشسته او به کنج  ** رو ترش کرده فرو افکنده لنج  3525
  • His eyes are painful, and he sits in a corner, sour-faced and chop-fallen.
  • نه یکی کحال کو را غم خورد  ** نیش عقلی که به کحلی پی برد 
  • There is no oculist to sympathise with him, nor has he any intelligence that he should find the way to a collyrium.
  • اجتهادی می‌کند با حزر و ظن  ** کار در بوکست تا نیکو شدن 
  • He is making a (great) effort with (the help of) conjecture and opinion: the matter rests in ‘maybe’ till it turn out well.
  • زان رهش دورست تا دیدار دوست  ** کو نجوید سر رئیسیش آرزوست 
  • Far is the road he must travel ere he sees the Beloved, because he does not seek the head; his desire is headship.
  • ساعتی او با خدا اندر عتاب  ** که نصیبم رنج آمد زین حساب 
  • At one time he is (engaged) in reproach, saying (to God), ‘The portion allotted to me from this calculation (of mine) is (nothing but) pain.’
  • ساعتی با بخت خود اندر جدال  ** که همه پران و ما ببریده بال  3530
  • At another time he is (engaged) in a quarrel with his own luck, saying, ‘All (the others) are flying, and we have our wings cut off.’”
  • هر که محبوس است اندر بو و رنگ  ** گرچه در زهدست باشد خوش تنگ 
  • Whoever is imprisoned in scent and colour, his spirit is oppressed, (even) though he is (occupied) in (the practice of) asceticism.