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  • که برای خواب تو ای بوالکرم  ** پستر آن سوی دگر افکنده‌ام 
  • I have had the bed for you to sleep in laid over there, most noble sir.”
  • آن قراری که به زن او داده بود  ** گشت مبدل و آن طرف مهمان غنود 
  • (So) the arrangement which he had made with his wife was altered, and the guest lay down on the other side (of the room). During the night it began to rain violently in that place, (and continued so
  • آن شب آنجا سخت باران در گرفت  ** کز غلیظی ابرشان آمد شگفت 
  • long) that they were astonished at the thickness of the clouds.
  • زن بیامد بر گمان آنک شو  ** سوی در خفتست و آن سو آن عمو  3660
  • (When) the wife came (home), she thought her husband was sleeping towards the door, and the uncle on the other side.
  • رفت عریان در لحاف آن دم عروس  ** داد مهمان را به رغبت چند بوس 
  • The wife immediately undressed and went to bed and kissed the guest fondly several times.
  • گفت می‌ترسیدم ای مرد کلان  ** خود همان آمد همان آمد همان 
  • “O worthy man,” said she, “I was afraid (of this), and now that very thing has happened, that very thing has happened, that very thing!
  • مرد مهمان را گل و باران نشاند  ** بر تو چون صابون سلطانی بماند 
  • The mud and rain have stranded thy guest (here): he is left on thy hands like Government soap.
  • اندرین باران و گل او کی رود  ** بر سر و جان تو او تاوان شود 
  • How can he set out in this rain and mud? He will become a tax upon thy head and soul.”
  • زود مهمان جست و گفت این زن بهل  ** موزه دارم غم ندارم من ز گل  3665
  • The guest at once jumped up and said, “O woman, leave off! I have boots, I don't mind the mud.
  • من روان گشتم شما را خیر باد  ** در سفر یک دم مبادا روح شاد 
  • I depart. May good be with you! May your spirit during its (earthly) journey never rejoice (even) for a moment,