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  • اصل دان آن را بگیرش در کنار  ** بازره دایم ز مرگ انتظار 
  • Recognise it as the root, clasp it to thy bosom, and be for ever delivered from the death of waiting to see.
  • نواختن سلطان ایاز را 
  • How the Sultan (Mahmud) showed favour to Ayáz.
  • ای ایاز پر نیاز صدق‌کیش  ** صدق تو از بحر و از کوهست بیش 
  • “O Ayáz, who art full of humbleness and sincere in all thy ways, thy sincerity is mightier than sea and mountain.
  • نه به وقت شهوتت باشد عثار  ** که رود عقل چو کوهت کاه‌وار 
  • For thee there is no stumbling in the hour of lust, so that thy reason, which resembles a mountain (in solidity), should go (hither and thither) like a straw;
  • نه به وقت خشم و کینه صبرهات  ** سست گردد در قرار و در ثبات  3710
  • Nor in the hour of anger and vengeance do thy powers of long-suffering fail to hold  fast and firm.”
  • مردی این مردیست نه ریش و ذکر  ** ورنه بودی شاه مردان کیر خر 
  • Virilitas haec virilitas est, barba et penis non est; sin minus, rex virorum esset veretrum asini. [Manhood is this manliness, not (just) a beard and a penis; otherwise, an ass’s penis would be the king of men.]
  • حق کرا خواندست در قرآن رجال  ** کی بود این جسم را آنجا مجال 
  • Whom has God in the Qur’an called men? How should there be room for this body there?
  • روح حیوان را چه قدرست ای پدر  ** آخر از بازار قصابان گذر 
  • What worth has the animal soul? O father, come now, pass through the market of the butchers,
  • صد هزاران سر نهاده بر شکم  ** ارزشان از دنبه و از دم کم 
  • (And you will see) a hundred thousand (sheeps’) heads laid on paunches (tripe), of which (heads) the value is less than (that of) the fat caudal part and tail.
  • روسپی باشد که از جولان کیر  ** عقل او موشی شود شهوت چو شیر  3715
  • Meretrix est (quaevis femina) cui penis impetu mens (tanquam) mus fiat, libido tanquam leo. [A prostitute is (one) who, due to the movement of a penis, (her) intellect becomes a mouse (and her) lust like a lion.]
  • وصیت کردن پدر دختر را کی خود را نگهدار تا حامله نشوی از شوهرت 
  • How a father enjoined his daughter to take care lest she should become with child by her husband.
  • خواجه‌ای بودست او را دختری  ** زهره‌خدی مه‌رخی سیمین‌بری 
  • There was a Khwája who had a daughter with cheeks like (those of) Venus, a face like the moon, and a breast (white) as silver.