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  • مشورت کو عقل کو سیلاب آز  ** در خرابی کرد ناخنها دراز 
  • (But) where is counsel, where is reason, (when) the torrent of cupidity has extended its talons to destroy (them)?
  • بین ایدی سد و سوی خلف سد  ** پیش و پس کم بیند آن مفتون خد 
  • A barrier in front and a barrier behind; (but) he that is fascinated by a (lovely) cheek does not see (what is) before or behind.
  • آمده در قصدجان سیل سیاه  ** تا که روبه افکند شیری به چاه  3870
  • The black torrent comes to take his life, so that a fox may hurl a lion into the well (of destruction).
  • از چهی بنموده معدومی خیال  ** تا در اندازد اسودا کالجبال 
  • Something (materially) non-existent causes a phantom to appear in a well, in order that it (the phantom) may cast into it lions (strong) as mountains.
  • هیچ‌کس را با زنان محرم مدار  ** که مثال این دو پنبه‌ست و شرار 
  • Do not have any one intimate with thy womenfolk, for these two (the man and the woman) may be compared to cotton and sparks of fire.
  • آتشی باید بشسته ز آب حق  ** هم‌چو یوسف معتصم اندر زهق 
  • It needs a fire quenched by God's water, one that like Joseph holds fast (to God) in (the hour of) evil temptation,
  • کز زلیخای لطیف سروقد  ** هم‌چو شیران خویشتن را واکشد 
  • To withdraw itself (bravely) as lions from a charming Zalíkhá tall and slender as a cypress.
  • بازگشت از موصل و می‌شد به راه  ** تا فرود آمد به بیشه و مرج‌گاه  3875
  • He (the captain) turned back from Mawsil and went on his way till he encamped in a wooded meadowland.
  • آتش عشقش فروزان آن چنان  ** که نداند او زمین از آسمان 
  • The fire of his love was blazing in such wise that he could not distinguish earth from heaven.
  • قصد آن مه کرد اندر خیمه او  ** عقل کو و از خلیفه خوف کو 
  • He sought to embrace that moon (beauty) in her tent: where (at that time) was his reason and his dread of the Caliph?