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  • راه گم کرد او از آن صبح دروغ  ** چون مگس افتاد اندر دیگ دوغ 
  • He (the captain) lost his way and, (beguiled) by that false dawn, fell like a gnat into the pot of buttermilk.
  • پشیمان شدن آن سرلشکر از آن خیانت کی کرد و سوگند دادن او آن کنیزک را کی به خلیفه باز نگوید از آنچ رفت 
  • How that military chief repented of the sin which he had committed and adjured the girl not to tell the Caliph anything of what had happened.
  • چند روزی هم بر آن بد بعد از آن  ** شد پشیمان او از آن جرم گران 
  • He was absorbed in that (love-affair) for a while, (but) afterwards he repented of that grievous crime,
  • داد سوگندش کای خورشیدرو  ** با خلیفه زینچ شد رمزی مگو 
  • And adjured her, saying, “O thou whose face is like the sun, do not give the Caliph any hint of what has passed.”
  • چون ندید او را خلیفه مست گشت  ** پس ز بام افتاد او را نیز طشت 
  • When the Caliph saw her he became distraught (with love), and then too his secret was exposed to all.
  • دید صد چندان که وصفش کرده بود  ** کی بود خود دیده مانند شنود  3905
  • He saw (her to be) a hundred times as beautiful as he (the informer) had described her: how in sooth should seeing be like hearing?
  • وصف تصویرست بهر چشم هوش  ** صورت آن چشم دان نه زان گوش 
  • Description is a picture (drawn) for the eye of intelligence: know that the (sensible) form belongs to the eye, not to the ear.
  • کرد مردی از سخن‌دانی سال  ** حق و باطل چیست ای نیکو مقال 
  • A certain man asked an eloquent person, “What are truth and falsehood, O man of goodly discourse?”
  • گوش را بگرفت و گفت این باطلست  ** چشم حقست و یقینش حاصلست 
  • He took hold of his ear and said, “This is false: the eye is true and possesses certainty.”
  • آن به نسبت باطل آمد پیش این  ** نسبتست اغلب سخنها ای امین 
  • The former is relatively false as compared with the latter: most sayings are relative, O trusty one.
  • ز آفتاب ار کرد خفاش احتجاب  ** نیست محجوب از خیال آفتاب  3910
  • If the bat screens itself from the sun, (yet) it is not screened from the fancy (idea) of the sun.