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  • هم درین عالم بدان که مامنیست  ** از منافق کم شنو کو گفت نیست 
  • Know that even in this world there is a safe refuge: do not listen to the hypocrite who says there is none.
  • حجت منکران آخرت و بیان ضعف آن حجت زیرا حجت ایشان به دین باز می‌گردد کی غیر این نمی‌بینیم 
  • The argument of those who disbelieve in the after-life, and a demonstration of the weakness of that argument, since their argument amounts to “We do not see any other (world) than this.”
  • حجتش اینست گوید هر دمی  ** گر بدی چیزی دگر هم دیدمی  3930
  • This is his (the hypocrite's) argument: he says at every moment, “If there were anything else, I should have seen it.”
  • گر نبیند کودکی احوال عقل  ** عاقلی هرگز کند از عقل نقل 
  • If a child does not see the various aspects of reason, will a rational person ever abandon reason?
  • ور نبیند عاقلی احوال عشق  ** کم نگردد ماه نیکوفال عشق 
  • And if a rational person does not see the various aspects of Love, (yet) the auspicious moon of Love does not wane.
  • حسن یوسف دیده‌ی اخوان ندید  ** از دل یعقوب کی شد ناپدید 
  • Joseph's beauty was not seen by the eyes of his brethren, (but) when did it (ever) disappear from the heart of Jacob?
  • مر عصا را چشم موسی چوب دید  ** چشم غیبی افعی و آشوب دید 
  • The (physical) eye of Moses regarded the staff (rod) as wood; the eye of the Invisible beheld (in it) a serpent and (cause of) panic.
  • چشم سر با چشم سر در جنگ بود  ** غالب آمد چشم سر حجت نمود  3935
  • The eye of the head was in conflict with the eye of the heart: the eye of the heart prevailed (over the other) and displayed the proof.
  • چشم موسی دست خود را دست دید  ** پیش چشم غیب نوری بد پدید 
  • The (physical) eye of Moses regarded his hand as a hand, (but) to the eye of the Invisible it was a manifest light.
  • این سخن پایان ندارد در کمال  ** پیش هر محروم باشد چون خیال 
  • This matter hath no limit in perfection, (yet) it seems like a fancy to every one that is deprived (of the reality).
  • چون حقیقت پیش او فرج و گلوست  ** کم بیان کن پیش او اسرار دوست 
  • Since to him the reality is the pudendum and the gullet, do not expound the mysteries of the Beloved to him.